Here are 4 ways to get your fitness training back on track after the Spring Festival holiday

Hi, my name is Yumi and I love working out.After the tenth day of the first lunar month, most people are believed to have started to work.During the Spring Festival, every day is almost to eat, drink, play or lie down and rest, from normal efforts to self-indulgence.As a result, you gain weight, accumulate belly fat, and seem to struggle to get anything done.For the fitness crowd, the rest time during the Spring Festival is too long, the physical decline is very obvious, it is difficult to find the feeling of training before the year.So after the Spring Festival, how to return to the previous training state?During the Spring Festival, the sleep schedule is completely disrupted: staying up late at night watching TV dramas, playing cards and games, and going out for fun and entertainment during the day. The sleep time is less than 5 hours a day.Such a continuous late night activity, more than usual work fatigue, will increase psychological and mental stress, but also affect physical health.Change your sleep schedule: go to bed at 11 p.m. and wake up between 6 and 7 a.m. to get seven hours of sleep.Also pay attention to drink less water at night, can choose to drink honey water, milk or yogurt, so as to ensure the quality of sleep.After 1 week, will improve the state of mind, to restore physical fitness has a great help, for the following training to lay a good foundation.Adjust eating habits from the New Year’s Eve dinner, to visit relatives and friends during the first month, eat and drink.In the face of a large table of various dishes, and then with the catalytic effect of drinks, liquor and other drinks, so that you can not control the diet, the result of eating more and more.Overeating during the Spring Festival, can increase the burden of intestines and stomach, almost every day there is abdominal distension, heat surplus is more, cannot be consumed in time, the result causes adipose accumulation.At this time, we should timely adjust our eating habits: return to normal three meals a day, but also control the caloric value of each meal, try to be vegetarian within 1-2 weeks, and then do a good job of nutrition.Keep drinks and alcohol to a minimum and limit the amount of snacks you eat.For extra meals, opt for coffee and cookies and stay 70 percent full.3. Train 4 times a week You usually get up early to go jogging or go to the gym for exercise, but during the Spring Festival holiday, because it is difficult to stay up late and get up early, the gym also shuts down and you don’t bother to move at home.More than 10 days without fitness, exercise enthusiasm and exercise level are in decline, may also appear to lose muscle and small stomach physical performance.At this point, recovery training should be carried out as soon as possible, according to their actual conditions to choose.If the decline is significant, start with cardio such as jogging, cycling, or the elliptical machine, followed by light weight training.If muscle circumference decreases significantly, you can start with dumbbell bench press, dumbbell press, dumbbell squat and other dumbbell movements, and then gradually transition to barbell and fixed equipment movements.It is recommended to train four times a week for 30 minutes for cardio and 50 minutes for strength training.4. Stretch 1 time a day During the Spring Festival break, sedentary time is long, and lack of exercise, the basic metabolic capacity decreases, at the beginning of the recovery training, easy to produce lactic acid accumulation, will prolong the time of muscle soreness.If the direct use of large weight training, easy to cause joint and muscle damage, will affect the later training plan and training state.This is the time to stretch, both large and small muscle groups.On the training day, you need to stretch the corresponding muscles, such as the chest muscle, the chest muscle, the triceps brachii, the front bundle of the deltoid and other upper limb muscle groups.On your days off, in addition to stretching the muscles you worked the day before, you can relax with yoga poses such as updog, Cobra, baby, warrior, etc.It is recommended to stretch once a day for 10-15 minutes, with a maximum of no more than 30 minutes.Written at the end: during the Spring Festival continued to stay up late, overeat, lie still, sleep until the natural wake, eat, drink and play every day, completely without any pressure.In order to restore the training status of the year before, it is necessary to adjust the time of work and rest and eating habits in time, carry out fitness exercises four times a week, gradually increase the training intensity, and ensure that stretching and relaxing once a day.Develop good living habits like this, plus active fitness exercise, adhere to a month or so, can quickly improve physical fitness and sports level.What are you waiting for, get yourself moving – Yumi loves to work out

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