Opened 2 years of new energy vehicles, the owner summed up a word: fuel saving does not save money

China’s oil price has been raised seven times in 2022, with the price of gasoline 92 exceeding 8 yuan and that of gasoline 98 exceeding 10 yuan.The price of refined oil is rising, and many owners have begun to play the idea of new energy vehicles. Is it more valuable to charge new energy vehicles without burning oil?There is a big gap between the structure of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles. Fuel vehicles rely on fuel, and new energy vehicles only need to charge.Most people think that new energy vehicles can reduce the cost of car maintenance as long as they do not burn oil. In fact, the cost of car maintenance needs to be calculated from all aspects. Although new energy vehicles save fuel, they do not save money.Liu, a car owner in Hebei province, bought a Tesla new energy car two years ago and paid 350,000 yuan for it.Mr. Liu bought new energy vehicles mainly to save car costs, but after two years of driving he found that new energy vehicles not only do not save money, car maintenance costs are higher than fuel cars.Mr. Liu has installed charging piles in his parking space. Charging by domestic charging piles costs 0.8 to 0.9 yuan per kilowatt hour, consuming 16 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, driving 15,000 kilometers a year, and requiring 1,900 yuan for electricity.If the ordinary fuel oil car with 92 gasoline, a year to travel 15000 kilometers, fuel costs at least more than 8000.Mr. Liu found that new energy cars do save electricity, but other cars cost more to run.In the first year of buying the car, Mr. Liu spent 9,800 yuan on insurance. In the second year of buying the car, the insurance cost rose from 9,800 yuan to 12,000 yuan. This year, the insurance cost is even more expensive, rising to 14,000 yuan.350,000 fuel car annual premium only 5000 yuan, Mr. Liu’s car opened less than three years the premium rose more than 4000 yuan, much more expensive than fuel car.The insurance cost of new energy vehicles is not only expensive, but also the maintenance price is not cheap. Mr. Liu spends more than 3,000 yuan on average a year to do maintenance.The structure of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles is different. There is no need to change the oil filter and only need to replace the air conditioner filter and check whether other parts are normal.According to the maintenance manual, Tesla needs a major maintenance every two years or every 40,000 kilometers. The air conditioner desiccant bag must be replaced, which costs 1,387 yuan, the air conditioner filter costs 426 yuan, and the windshield wiper costs 405 yuan.If from the daily oil and electricity costs and maintenance costs, new energy vehicles are indeed cheaper than fuel cars, but including insurance and maintenance costs, the cost of new energy vehicles is not cheaper than fuel cars but more expensive.Other disadvantages of new energy vehicles: First, the charging time is long.Fuel cars need only three minutes to refuel, and new energy cars need at least 40 minutes to charge, which wastes a lot of time cost.Second, the retention rate is low.After three years, the warranty rate of ordinary household mobility vehicles is 50% to 55%, and that of new energy vehicles is less than 50%. When selling the car, the owner will find that the car is seriously depreciated.Third, the cost of replacing the battery is high.The life cycle of the battery is 3~5 years. In the process of using new energy vehicles, the power battery will inevitably attenuate, and replacing the battery is a costly expense.In a word, we can not only see the cheap charging of new energy vehicles, we think that new energy vehicles must save money, including other car costs, new energy is not cheaper than fuel cars.The picture in this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete

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