Settle!Good real estate policy finally came

According to the news agency: the national commercial housing pre-sale funds supervision and management measures have been formulated recently.The management measures make it clear that the pre-sale fund quota supervision is “key quota supervision”, and the urban and rural construction departments at the city and county level shall check and ratify the amount of funds needed to ensure the completion of the project according to the construction cost contract.When the amount of funds in the account reaches the regulatory limit, the excess funds can be extracted by the housing enterprise for free use.Although starting from last October, various departments and local governments have issued dozens of policies to relax real estate supervision and ease the difficulties of real estate enterprises, Ming Yuan jun believes that the introduction of the national commercial housing pre-sale funds supervision and management method is the real big policy.Not only general housing enterprises, and even some of the housing enterprises, may be saved by this policy.Prior to the policy, many first – and second-tier cities lowered the interest rate of one or two home loans to boost homebuyers’ confidence.Once home buyers buy a house, personal mortgage will become pre-sale funds, pre-sale capital supervision and standardization, will get through the personal mortgage to the hands of housing enterprises access.The introduction of this policy shows that the government has a very clear and clear understanding of the causes and solutions to the difficulties of housing enterprises, which is even more important than the policy itself.Below Ming Yuan Jun focus on two issues: 1, housing enterprises before the difficulties how to produce?2, why say the national commercial housing pre-sale fund supervision and management method can save housing enterprises?A housing enterprise is in trouble because three aspects of the money are out of the problem before the thunder of the housing enterprise, mostly because of the money, the cash flow problem, and the cash flow is out of the problem, because the housing enterprise relied on three aspects of the money at the same time.The first aspect of money is bank loans.Bank loans, housing enterprises used to be the most conventional, the most stable means of financing.But in 2021, it’s getting harder to get credit.Even some banks, when the loan is still far from due, began to use a variety of means of pressure, forcing housing enterprises to repay in advance.If a real estate company goes from $20 billion in bank loans to $10 billion, it can’t sustain its current size, let alone continue to grow.The second aspect of money, is the pre-sale funds supervision project pre-sale funds, to ensure the construction of the project and housing, this provision had no problem.But in fact, the money needed for the late construction of the project is not that much.And before many housing enterprises in various regions, project sales, can be flexibly deployed.When the bank loan continues to reduce, the supervision of pre-sale funds and further strict, the turnover of housing enterprises will appear serious problems.The money on the third side is the debt issued at home and abroad. Some of the bonds issued by housing enterprises before the price is as high as a dozen points per year.The real estate companies can use the money to pay off the debt, is not the loan, sales of repayment, or the issue of new bonds?When there are problems with loans and sales, once the bond is due and cannot be repaid, it will immediately become a public event, and it is almost impossible for the real estate enterprise to borrow and finance.In addition, the project may be stopped because the buyer is worried that the project will not finish well and there will be serious problems in the sale of the project.This, in turn, will affect sales.Ming yuan jun said below, why said the national commercial housing pre-sale funds supervision and management methods can save housing enterprises.After the standardization of pre-sale capital supervision, real estate enterprises can save themselves as long as they work hard. Mingyuan Jun said above, the source of cash of real estate enterprises is mainly three kinds: loans, pre-sale funds, and bond issuance.As a matter of fact, governments at all levels have introduced a lot of relief policies in terms of loans and bond issuance, but some of them have no effect, and some of them are slow to take effect. The core reason is that it is not enough for real estate enterprises to get money from these two aspects only by their own efforts.For example, loans related to real estate, whether loans to real estate companies or mortgages to individual customers, are tight in the first half of 2021.Starting from the end of 2021, many corrective policies will be introduced.For example, the three red line correction, emphasis is to let the three red line housing loans will not increase, rather than constantly reduce.However, this policy involves both banks and real estate enterprises. After banks have money, they will distinguish between customers and do not lend money to red line real estate enterprises.As for the issuance of debt, in addition to the most outstanding, the best credit housing enterprises, the other are difficult to issue debt.The real landing of the loan policy is the personal mortgage. Since last December, we all feel that the loan is getting faster and faster.Recently, the following cities have lowered the mortgage interest rate: Hefei: the mortgage interest rate for the first home has dropped from 5.88% to 5.83%, and for the second home from 6.37% to 6.32%.Nanjing: the interest rate of the first home mortgage overall dropped below 6%, CCB, Bank of China and other reductions reached 30 basis points.Huizhou: Rates for first homes fell to 5.2% from 6.0-6.7% in December, while rates for second homes fell to 5.35%.Beijing: The interest rate for first-home mortgages has dropped to 5.15 percent and for second-home mortgages to 5.65 percent, down 5 basis points from the end of last year.Shanghai: 4.95% for the first set and 5.65% for the second set, also down 5 basis points.Shenzhen: the first set of mortgage rates 4.9%, the second 5.2%.This is a significant drop from 5.1% for the first and 5.6% for the second mainstream units at the end of last year.Under these policies, it is no doubt that more and more individual mortgages will enter the market.However, after the individual mortgage to buy a house, it becomes a pre-sale capital, pre-sale capital supervision if still very strict, housing enterprises sell more houses can only see a number, or can not get cash, or turnover.And the national commercial housing presale funds supervision and management methods once the landing, also got through to the housing enterprises in the hands of the access.Moreover, the amount of pre-sale funds, does not involve banks and other third parties, housing enterprises as long as enough efforts, can decide their own fate.Before, each region independently issued the corresponding “pre-sale capital supervision and management measures” and “pre-sale capital supervision and management implementation rules”, resulting in different ways of pre-sale capital supervision.Some local presale funds supervision policy is not clear, extraction base and extraction ratio is too high, extraction pace is not reasonable and other problems.According to the Caixin News Agency, the new pre-sale fund management measures emphasize that the deposit, down payment, mortgage and other forms of purchase should be directly deposited into the pre-sale fund supervision account.The supervision amount of pre-sale funds shall be verified by urban and rural construction departments at the city and county level according to the construction cost contract, etc., to ensure the requirements for project completion.When the amount of funds in the account reaches the regulatory limit, the excess funds can be extracted by the housing enterprise for free use.The specific allocation nodes shall be determined by the urban and rural construction departments at the city or county level in each locality.Save the housing enterprise’s big policy really came!Ming yuan jun believe, and housing enterprises related to good policy, this is not the first is not the last.Real estate, work hard!2022 has a lot to offer!

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