The “double First Class” forecast that Suzhou University will rapidly develop into the world’s first class, will Yanshan University lose the election

“Double top” forecast, suzhou has developed rapidly into a world-class university, yanshan university want to lose as education, culture, sports, science and technology assessment by the department of the fifth, the second round of double selection is coming, since double class system was introduced, stimulated many ordinary colleges and universities enter a first-class, nearly three years,Many ordinary colleges and universities have achieved excellent results in the second round of double first-class selection and gained high reputation.In the first round of the double top, a total of 137 colleges and universities selected in our country, including 42 world class universities and 95 world first-class discipline construction in colleges and universities, and double top names corresponding completely, 42 of world first-class universities is mainly composed of 985 colleges and universities, and the world first-class discipline construction of university mainly 211, there are 25 in normal colleges,The ability of these 25 universities to go directly from ordinary colleges to graduate schools is first-class and worth evaluating.A few days ago, announced the second batch of new online university list, there are a lot of ordinary university, such as shanxi university, shenzhen university, is a first-class university, but what’s surprising is that no college or university in hebei province, the list if it is true, is really too difficult for students in hebei, fierce competition in the college entrance examination, even two double top university, also cannot achieve the ideal effect, needless to say,Now there is only one in the province.Most people don’t know this and it remains true that these two universities were promoted to the new list because there is no shortage of A-level teams from leading universities that are not as strong as Northeastern and Hunan.In addition, the new members of the university as A class A university, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been focused on postgraduate education, since school began to enroll undergraduates, double construction starts, first-class university undergraduate course is not A long history of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the university did not included in the second round of the double first-class construction, although there are involved in, but basically is crucified, while participating in undergraduate education time is not short,However, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences has a high reputation in the college community for its comprehensive strength. It remains one of the strongest departments in the country and is popular with many students with high scores.In addition to the above some colleges and universities in the new list, there are 211 colleges and universities are also in the promotion, is located in jiangsu suzhou university is one of the world first-class discipline construction in colleges and universities, and the new list can lead to a lot of people for a class B first-class university, suzhou university graduation rates in recent years has made great progress, but the overall strength and also the top of a higher level than before, in the past few years,Soochow University has made great progress, ranking among the best in overall strength and ranking, but there is still a lot of room for development if it is to be positioned as a world-class university.Due to the fifth round of the Ministry of Education discipline evaluation is not the result, published online does not mean a lot of new list of accurate results, it can still in question, although each have each special authenticity, if no accident, hebei university should have double top, after all, the subject construction of yanshan university is very online, strength belongs to very good universities, if there are students in hebei,It has a good reputation among ordinary universities and candidates in Hebei really need it. Do you think Yanshan University should be listed as a double-first-class university?Is this new list the same as the one you had in mind?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.

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