Thousands of lights, Shaoyang public security guard for you

Massachusetts moment on February 8 – (correspondent Deng Zhuo ling) on February 4th January 4, longhui county public security bureau traffic police brigade ping squadron shu storm is peach peach blossom flood in the sections on duty, found a blind man’s faltering with a rod of iron in the middle of the road, iron knock road conditions, to judge cars whizzing around, at any time may be an accident.In this critical moment, shu disturbance immediately came forward to the old man to the roadside, and identify.After a careful inquiry, learned that the old man this year 76 years old, living in nanshan village, because of no son no wife, can only come to the street alone to buy something.The old man said to go to the south bus station car home, from the taohong Road to the south car station, there are nearly 600 meters of distance, Shu storm will pull the old man hand iron bar, let the old man followed behind, about 20 minutes, to reach the south car station.Shu storm the old man carefully helped to the bus, the old man had not had time to say thank you, he left in a hurry, continue to return to his post.At 8 o ‘clock on the fifth day of the lunar New Year, dongkou County Public Security Bureau Pingxi police station police, auxiliary police patrol in the area of the road found an old man wandering in the street.It was cold, and the old man shivered in the cold wind and looked dull.After the police found, worried about the old people outside cold, first brought back to the institute.After the police Zhou Kui patient communication, the old man is still confused, unable to provide accurate identity information, mental state is not very good, the police to the old man on the end of the warm water and food, to appease the old man.While searching the relevant information of the elderly through the household registration network, the photos of the elderly are sent through the work group to mobilize the power of the masses to find the identity of the elderly.After the police, auxiliary police patient search, finally determined the old man lives in the ancient seven village, because of dementia and lost.Finally, the police, auxiliary police together to the old man back home.Lift a finger to show great love, subtle warm heart.During the Spring Festival, the police give up their small homes, for everyone, the thick flavor of the New Year highlights the deep feeling of the people.Chengbu Miao Autonomous County launched the first round of regional nucleic acid testing in nine communities in the city at 12 o ‘clock on February 5.Chengbu Public Security Bureau all civilian auxiliary police guard, maintain the scene order.Year four 15 xu, Wugang city public Security Bureau Yingchun Ting police station received the masses for help said: the old man into some xiang, female, more than 70 years old, suffering from alzheimer’s disease, in the city to relatives when the New Year lost, asked for help to find.Police situation is command, police on duty immediately start rescue program, a group responsible for video tracking, another group responsible for a lost place into a xiang to launch a search, and to the police contact group issued the elderly lost information.The next morning at three o ‘clock in the morning, the masses reported to the police that a stray woman was found in the Village of Hetang group 9, the police did not care about fatigue, quickly arrived at the scene, found that the stray woman and yesterday afternoon lost into a xiang is very similar, the police immediately called into a xiang’s family, through clothing to confirm that the stray woman into a xiang.In order not to let the old man into a sweet suffer from cold and hunger, the police brought food to a sweet to satisfy hunger, brought clothes to a sweet to keep out the cold.Into some sweet relatives to see into some sweet, tightly hold the hand of the police said: “really thank you too much, for the people’s service is responsible!”

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