Milan have won Serbia’s 18-year-old supernova battle, capable of becoming a new generation of Serie A stars

In recent years we have seen many outstanding young Serbian players, especially from Red Star Belgrade, leave for bigger European clubs.Manchester City are particularly interested in the market and currently have Philipp Stevanovic, Slobodan Tedic and Luka Ilic.The most famous Young Serb in Europe at the moment is Fiorentina’s Miriam Vlahovic, who could make the biggest move of his career to one of Europe’s biggest clubs in the next six months.Another player who will emerge from the famous Red Star youth team is Marco Razetic, the 18-year-old centre forward hailed as the new Vlahovic.Razetic only turned 18 on Jan. 22, so it’s hard to say how good a player he is now, or how good he could become.But the signs are certainly promising.Razetic is 192cm tall, so it’s obvious what kind of player he is.He is first and foremost a tall centre forward who can be a fulcrum, but putting too much emphasis on that label would overlook his other qualities as he is also a threat with aggression, pressing ability and pace.It is these abilities, as well as his nationality, that have led to comparisons with Vlahovich.He made his debut for Red Star at the age of 16 and received a lot of attention in Serbia.Former Serbia player Vlado Avramov believes Lazic could follow vlahovic’s path, telling the Italian press: “Exactly.Toussaint is great.Marco, however, could follow in his footsteps.Currently he is an important member of the Red Star offensive line and his body is still growing as will his experience and ability.At 18, he was the star of the team.AC Milan are understood to have won the signing of Lazic and will announce his arrival soon.

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