Pick flowers, enjoy the ecological sunshine restaurant, Qingfeng Valley is one of the must-check places on Valentine’s Day

Clear maple valley eco-tourism scenic spot is located in sanming meredov district the creek town, about 10 km away from downtown, convenient transportation and superior natural conditions, construction investment from sanming green margin of agricultural science and technology co., LTD., opened on July 8, 2015, the scenic area has been built and dragon fruit picking grapes experience, flowers fruit promenade, ornamental garden and ecological projects such as sunshine restaurant.In December 2013, the scenic spot was rated as “Fujian Province Leisure Agriculture Demonstration Site” by the Provincial Agriculture Department, in July 2016, it was rated as “2016-2018 Agricultural Industrialization Key Leading Enterprise” by the Municipal government, and in 2017, it was rated as a National AAA tourist attraction.It has also been awarded as provincial agricultural Science and technology Demonstration Base, Fujian and Taiwan Agricultural cooperation Demonstration base, provincial four-star “Forest Family” provincial rural tourism star unit and other honorary titles.Qingfeng Valley is located in the west of Lianmao Village and Yandou Village, with a planned total area of about 81.91 hectares, and is adjacent to Mengyang Village in the north, Quhou Village in the south and Quitou Village in the west.With the composite mode of agriculture + tourism, the company integrates the projects of specialty picking, ecological restaurant, agricultural experience, outdoor leisure, sports expansion, research and education, etc., to carry out production, life and ecological experience, and realize the organic combination and associated symbiosis of the three industries.Mainly for sanming city residents, set up eating, playing, shopping products, education in travel.Supported by characteristic accommodation products, it forms a unique, creative, sanming leading, fujian first-class leisure park, making it a leisure resort for residents of Sanming city.Meilie District strengthens the brand publicity and promotion of ecological tourism in Meilie District, and promotes the whole district, whole season and whole region ecological tourism to a new level.By fully exploiting sanming rich historical and cultural resources and modern tourism resources, speed up the construction of regional tourist destination in ascension may column famous and influential brand of cultural tourism, and actively explore new mode of ecological civilization construction, vigorously develop green development new kinetic energy, working hard to blaze a trail of ecological cultural tourism and economic coordinated development of the new road.

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