BTS V used his face!It’s too late to be ugly

Recently, BTS member V OST, singing Korean drama, entered the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time. Meanwhile, a selfie of V caused Hot discussion among netizens, netizens once expressed both anger and amusement.On The afternoon of May 2,BTS member V posted a video of himself making music on his Instagram Story.He looked at the camera and turned his head to impress his fans.But a short clip uploaded later surprised fans when V used a special camera effect that changed her face and she wrote:Then, while applying the camera effect, V fatally winked at the camera to the lyrics of “Go See the Stars”, which was played in the background. The funny image caused netizens to burst into laughter.Netizens have commented enthusiastically.”Too gas, how are good handsome ah” “again how to narrow the eyes, nose or in work hard” “this life is hopeless, become ugly,” it is too late “to become ugly can do it? It’s a pity that your efforts – but your talent, need from birth to grow not good-looking”, “in the end, the blink of an eye… should be punished” and so on.In addition, the OST “Christmas Tree” of “That Year We” by V was a hit.BTS is reportedly planning to hold an offline concert in Seoul in March after taking a long leave of absence from their concert in Los Angeles last year.

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