Guangzhou Baiyun district has an embarrassing shopping mall, three subway lines directly, but few people know

This is Liu Xiaosun’s Travel and Life Institute.As one of the “four first-tier cities” in China, Guangzhou has developed economy and is known as the “commercial capital for thousands of years”.Guangzhou commercial development, when it comes to guangzhou famous shopping malls, many people will think of tianhe District, Yuexiu District of the major established shopping malls, but it seems that few will think of Baiyun District.In fact, Baiyun District as a traditional old city in Guangzhou, there are also many shopping malls and shopping centers, some time ago, I went to a shopping mall in Baiyun District, feel pretty good.The store I went to in Baiyun District is called “Cloud Gate”. Probably many people don’t know the name of this store, let alone have visited it.Some people may think that the location of cloud Gate shopping mall should not be good, the traffic is not convenient, so there is no sense of “presence”.In fact, cloud Gate is blessed with its location, with three subways connecting it.”Cloud gate” near the subway station is called “Jiahe Wanggang”, I believe that friends familiar with Guangzhou should have heard of this subway station, Line 2, Line 3 and line 14 are here, the popularity is quite prosperous.However, as I walked into cloud Gate, it didn’t seem very popular.Maybe I went at the wrong time, should be in the evening or weekend holidays, the mall will be more popular.However, I asked a lot of Guangzhou people around me, unless they live nearby, they have almost never heard of this shop named “Cloud Gate”, which is a little “embarrassing”.In my opinion, cloud Gate is not very popular and well-known, mainly because its location is not so central, and people from other areas are still a little far away.In addition, “Cloud Gate” this shopping mall can not direct to “Jiahe Wanggang” subway station, it has to walk a little way, which will inevitably affect the popularity.Of course, many people are optimistic about the future development prospects of Baiyun District, if the development of baiyun District, “Cloud gate” the popularity and popularity of the shopping mall should also improve.Well, have you ever been to Baiyun District in Guangzhou?What’s your impression of Baiyun District?Do you know there is such a shopping mall named “Cloud Gate” near jiahe Wanggang subway station?Why do you think “Cloud Gate” shopping mall is not popular and famous though it has three subway lines?Would you like to visit this mall sometime?Welcome to leave a comment!More exciting content, please pay attention to me: Liu Xiaoshun with an interesting Angle to see the world, do the most attitude of the traveler.

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