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Where is Xinyu?Xinyu is in the embrace of jiangxi Province.Among other cities in Jiangxi province, Xinyu seems to be a little unattractive: its size is small, with an area of only 3,178 square kilometers under its jurisdiction;Although the average GDP is not low, many important indicators are also in the top three of Jiangxi Province, but the total GDP is not large;It is the youngest prefecture-level city in Jiangxi province until July 27, 1983, when The State Council approved the restoration of the provincial city system after several changes in administrative system.You may not be familiar with Xinyu, but you must have heard of the myth of “seven fairies descending to earth”?The litterateur of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Gan Bao, in his search for the Gods, contained: “A man in Xinyu County, Yuzhang, saw six or seven women in the field, all dressed in sweaters. He did not know it was a bird, so he crawled toward them.All birds fly away and not one bird goes alone.Men take women for women…”In August 2015, the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association awarded Xinyu Fairy Lake in Jiangxi province the title of “The Legendary Hometown of Seven Fairies in China”, and the fairy Lake is respected as the “Holy Land of love” and the birthplace of “Chinese Valentine’s Day”.Folklore endows Xinyu with romance and mystery. Are you also curious and yearning for her?If you are not familiar with Xinyu, you may have heard of Tiangong Kaiwu.Xinyu is the birthplace of this great work of science and technology.In 1634, at the age of 48, Song Yingxing came to Xinyu and took the post of professor of Fenyi County in Xinyu.At that time, Fenyi was famous for its smelting, ramie and other crafts.Song Yingxing recorded in detail the various industrial, agricultural and handicraft techniques he had learned from his visits to the north and south of The Yangtze River over the years. After four years of painstaking observation and learning, he wrote “Tiangong Kaiwu”.This is the most important encyclopedia of craft in ancient China.At the end of the 17th century, Tiangong Kaiwu was introduced to Japan and later translated into various languages and widely spread in East Asia and Europe.Joseph Needham, a famous British scholar, called Song “China’s Diderot”, and Charles Darwin called him “an Oriental encyclopedic scholar”.Xinyu is also the birthplace of MAO Zedong’s Survey on rejuvenating the Country.In fact, the site of “Xingguo investigation” is not in Xingguo County, but in Luofang town of Xinyu.In October 1930, in order to decide the direction of action of the Red Army and crush the enemy’s first “encirencirment and suppression” of the central Soviet area, MAO Zedong presided over a joint meeting of the General front Committee of the Red Army and the Jiangxi Travel Committee in Luofang, xinyu, known as the “Luofang Meeting”.During the meeting, MAO Zedong found 8 farmers from Xingguo, after a week of research and discussion, to obtain detailed first-hand information, formed the “Xingguo Survey”.MAO zedong to eight peasant details about his family situation, understand the landlords and rich peasants in the village, middle and poor peasants and farm labourers from all walks of life at every period of the agrarian revolution political status, economic status, production and living and its ideological trends in land struggle and reality performance, timely discover and correct the deviation on the land battle some policy,It further clarified the important issues such as who to rely on, who to unite, who to isolate and who to attack in the agrarian revolutionary struggle, which provided an important basis for the Soviet at all levels to formulate and perfect the land policy.MAO Zedong’s rigorous and pragmatic investigation method set a brilliant example for us.This mass stance of doing everything for the people, relying on them in everything, maintaining close ties with them, and being willing to be their primary school students has inspired generations of Chinese Communists to forge ahead with courage and determination.Second, as a “strong industrial city, small regional city, beautiful landscape city”, Xinyu is permeated with the heroic spirit of “small beauty of work” everywhere.Industrial strength is the undertone of Xinyu.Xinyu is based on steel and “industry”. Industry is the most distinctive urban identity of Xinyu.From the workshop type pickaxe mining, iron making, textile printing and dyeing to now have Xinyu iron and Steel, Ganfeng lithium, Xinyu Guoke, Voge photoelectric listed companies;From the continuation of thousands of years of iron smelting and mining to today’s steel, lithium electricity emerging industrial clusters.At present, Xinyu steel production accounts for nearly 40% of Jiangxi province, lithium production accounts for nearly 30% of the world, is worthy of the name of the industrial city.Generations of Xinyu people have created xinyu’s industrial gene with youth, sweat, diligence and wisdom, continuing xinyu’s industrial blood and continuing Xinyu’s industrial glory.Small area is the characteristic of Xinyu.Xinyu has jurisdiction over Fenyi County, Yushui District, Xinyu National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Fairy Lake Scenic Spot and Xinyiji Cooperative demonstration Zone, with a population of over 1.2 million.Although xinyu is small, it is full of vitality. According to the seventh National census, Xinyu is one of the five cities with positive population growth in Jiangxi Province, which reflects xinyu’s high tolerance, high economic vitality and strong employment attraction.The urbanization rate of The city is as high as 73.59%, far higher than the average level of Jiangxi province and the whole country.Landscape beauty is the bright color of Xinyu.There are many places of interest here, such as jiutian Jade Pool and Fairy Lake, Mengshan, the holy land of Buddhism and Taoism, shrouded in clouds and mist, baizhang Peaks and mountains, China caves, Yangtiangang National Forest Park and Kongmujiang National Wetland Park, are all beautiful.The city’s forest coverage area is nearly 60%, has won the national forest City, national garden City, national green model city and other titles.Here is a gathering of humanities: Lu Zhao, the first No.1 scholar in Jiangxi history, was born here and inspired countless students in Jiangyou.The birth of fu Baoshi, a master of Chinese painting, ushered in the development of modern Chinese painting.Here the red star shines: MAO Zedong in Luo Fang “national investigation”, tree generation model;Peng Dehuai qiao points yi county, spread a story of one hundred years;Zhu De, Xiao Ke and Wang Zhen engaged in fierce battle in northwest Jiangxi, and thousands of soldiers lost their blood in the Soviet area.Walking on the land of Chongqing and qian, approaching Xinyu again and again and stepping into Xinyu step by step, I suddenly feel my respect for this young city.Only reformers are new and only innovators are strong.At every important historical juncture, Xinyu is full of wind and thunder.”Xinyu” is “new me”.Xinyu has the spirit of fairies, the spirit of artisans, the spirit of reform and innovation.Bathed in the spring breeze of the new era, Xinyu has been leading the wave with the spirit of daring to try and be a pioneer.Reform and innovation is the soul of Xinyu. In industry, Xinyu uses steel as the wheel and lithium as the wing to give more efficiency to the industrial economic development.Xinyu Innovation introduced a series of industrial policies to support steel, lithium and other industries. In 2020, the city’s steel industry revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan for the first time.Ganfeng lithium technology is the world’s leading, lithium metal market supply up to 50%;The growth rate of main indexes of industrial economy ranks first in Jiangxi Province.It has been selected as one of the top 100 Foreign trade cities in China for 11 consecutive years…Xinyu accounts for less than 2% of jiangxi’s area and less than 3% of its population, but it has more advantages in building a city of people’s livelihood, and also shoulders a greater mission.The reform of public hospitals was praised by The State Council.The rural pension model of “Party building + Home for Health care” was selected as the top ten cases of 2019 China Reform Year;”Small Lotus Project” was selected as a typical case of China’s basic Education in 2020;Take the lead in realizing the integration of urban and rural water supply, urban and rural public transportation, social security card “one card for everyone, one card for everyone”……”People’s livelihood” has become xinyu’s most heart-warming label.Small cities also have a big pattern, xinyu’s reform and innovation presents a multi-point breakthrough, bright spots.Xinyu has been selected as one of China’s top 50 Cities in informatization for 5 consecutive years.The media reform of Fenyi County has been promoted by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) and selected as “40 Local Reform and Innovation Cases in the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up”.The construction of civilization practice centers in the new era was included in national trials;More than 10 reform measures, such as urban law enforcement system reform, commercial system reform and cultural tourism consumption pilot, are leading jiangxi Province……Fairy lake bank, Kongmu River head, look up the blue sky, low head clear water.Ask canal that clear so?Innovation comes from a fresh source.Reform and innovation, for the construction of livable livable new yu added a heavy color.Only new in the rest of the new words.Xinyu people are always on the road.(Reporter Zheng Shaozhong)

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