Your answer is crucial!Zhumadian city traffic police detachment to the motorcycle wearing helmet questionnaire survey

Today, the reporter learns from the municipal public security bureau traffic police detachment, public security bureau of zhumadian in zhumadian civilization behavior to promote ordinance, on the city’s road riding electric bicycles don’t wear safety helmet fines set warning or twenty dollars, the setting the legitimacy of the legal responsibility, the necessity, appropriateness, enforceability of online questionnaire survey,Solicit opinions and suggestions from all walks of life.The questionnaire was conducted from multiple perspectives on the means of transportation commonly used by citizens, whether they wear helmets when riding electric bikes, whether their family members do not wear helmets, whether they support legislation to punish people who ride electric bikes without helmets, and what suggestions do you have for not wearing helmets.Craniocerebral injuries are responsible for about 80 percent of traffic fatalities involving people on electric bicycles, according to the municipal traffic police detachment. Wearing helmets correctly can best protect the lives of people on electric bicycles.Through the civilized traffic persuasion campaign of “Wear helmet and walk safely” launched by the public security traffic management department, the helmet wearing rate of electric bicycle drivers and passengers in The city increased from less than 5% in June last year to about 45% at present, and the traffic accident death rate of electric bicycle drivers and passengers decreased by 11.7% year-on-year.Referring to the local legislative practice of Zhengzhou, Xinxiang and other cities on the wearing of helmets by electric bicycle drivers, combined with the in-depth development of the national civilized city, Zhumadian city plans to carry out the wearing of helmets by electric bicycle drivers, which concerns the safety of citizens. Citizens are invited to participate in this questionnaire survey seriously.The reporter randomly interviewed several citizens on the street, many citizens believe that wearing helmets is responsible for their own safety, and that the behavior of not wearing helmets in accordance with the provisions should be punished.Some citizens think that punishment is not the goal, and should be criticized and educated for the first time, and should be punished for the second time.The reporter learned that the results of this questionnaire survey will fully reflect the strong demand for traffic safety, convenient travel, as well as economic and environmental protection.Your comments and suggestions will be taken into consideration.We hope that the general public will actively participate in this questionnaire survey!

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