A delegation from China Blind Association visited service agencies for the blind

On the afternoon of January 26, Xiang Zicheng led the Chinese Blind Association and the organizing and liaison department to visit Beijing Mind Interactive Technology Co., LTD., located in Daxing District, and had an in-depth understanding of the new forms of employment for the blind around the theme of employment for the disabled.Xiang Zicheng said in the interview that As an Internet company, Mind Interactive company actively fulfill its social responsibility, focusing on barrierfree informatization, helping the blind to access and enter the era of intelligent Internet application, and creating online social and spiritual entertainment products and services for the blind.Blind people create “we media” to show their skills in daily life, work and entertainment, which not only provides information for blind people and their families, but also enables the society to better understand blind people and actively spread positive energy.Company as an enterprise of love at the same time, in a third of all jobs hired a dozen employees total blindness, programmer, dubbing staff, product manager, anchors, copywriting, customer service, etc, in the Internet multi-cultural employment has carried on the first try, accumulated experience, let the society more fully recognize the blind employment potential and ability,So as to explore more new ways for the employment of the blind, and truly achieve barrier-free employment and social integration of the blind, its experience and practices are worth studying and promoting.Phase become stressed that the current undertakings for disabled persons is in a new era of vigorous development, xi jinping, general secretary of undertakings for disabled persons made important instructions and instructions, disabled persons’ federation at all levels all grasp the historical opportunity, increase the “difference” security and development plan “for the disabled association of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation about strengthening and improving specialized work opinion”, such as the implementation of the policy document,We should fully mobilize all sectors of society to explore new ways for the employment of persons with disabilities, improve their employment environment, and improve their employment level and ability.Specialized associations at all levels should further closely relate this category of persons with disabilities, give full play to relate this category of persons with disabilities of Bridges, establish a base point of contact for the disabled, and actively promote an unyielding spirit of disabled persons and realize the employment of advanced typical, for the general realize multi-way, higher quality of employment for the disabled to make positive contribution.Source: Editor: Pan Wenchang, China Disabled Persons’ Federation

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