The child physics is bad, 60 minutes or so, which major carefully chooses?

Recently, a fan asked such a question, he said that our child’s physics is not good, only 60 or 70 points, but the total score is not low, about 600 points, asked me which majors to choose carefully.I will answer this question today. First of all, I will talk about 3 o ‘clock!First of all, are some chapters not well learned?We’re going to do an analysis of whether physics is good or not. Why?Because there are many children, he is not good at physics, for example, he is not good at mechanics, but he is good at electricity and optics, which is also a kind of bad, because the total score is not good.But if you’re good at something, what can you learn?Can learn the photoelectric information science that we say and project, electronic information kind wait such a major, include communication project to be able to learn, because your electricity, include optics to learn or very good, just be mechanics to learn bad just.So whether physics is good or not, we have to do an analysis to see whether it’s bad in general or bad in parts.The second point, is not whole, for example, poor physical a six or seven lessons is to make up a missed lesson make up a missed lesson make up a missed lesson, ate a perfect great fill pill, he fill into this appearance, is this the best engineering, some of the more strict with physical professional, careful consideration.For example machinery kind, automation kind, electric appliance kind, electronic information kind, these professional words, be about to put relatively.Of course, it’s not that you can’t choose, but generally speaking, the requirements of these majors on physics will be relatively higher, and then the computer majors will be relatively better.Because the computer class is relatively more general, as long as your math is good, you can still put it into our consideration.And number three, one of the tricks that you have to do before you choose your child says I’m going to major in communications engineering, you have your child look at the curriculum of the college major that he’s chosen.For example, if he chooses The Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), ask him to take a look at the content of buPT’s communication engineering and what courses he needs to teach.As long as you open the official website of this school to take a look at the curriculum setting of communication engineering, its teaching plan and training program, you can see what courses it offers, and then the child will know whether he is good or not.Therefore, in general, we do not rush to make a decision, first to understand the situation, on the basis of understanding the situation and then make a choice is relatively safer.Well, that’s all we have to answer for today.If you find this video useful, please like it and share it.In fact, this video can also be aimed at some examinees, such as those who are not good at math or English, you can follow this idea to push.And if you find this video useful, please like it and share it.If you want to systematically learn the knowledge of voluntary application, I suggest you join my online training camp. I will tell you the truth and teach you how to choose a university according to scores, how to choose a university, how to choose a major, how to see the advantages of a major in employment and so on.Anyway, it is systematic learning, if you want to join, click on my attention, private letter to me, thank you!

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