Yangshuo network red attractions Foursquare Rock (bandits cave)

Yangshuo Sifang Rock (local people also known as bandits hole) is located in the ten li Gallery core area, two holes even wear, steep xiongqi, boarding this hole, but see the peaks, ups and downs, mountains and rivers set each other off, such as beautiful!The route is as follows: 1, navigation “Yangshuo Xining Ge Inn”, the car can directly drive to the parking lot next to Xining Ge Inn.2, along the parking lot next to the ploughing road forward about 30 meters, there is a path on the right, turn right to walk the path, into dozens of meters to see the left side of a mountain stone steps path, left path up the mountain, 20 minutes to the cave.3, up to the first cave, through the cave, turn right down to see the Yulong River, can also go to the second cave.

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