Three epic fantasy novels, the world view is big but not empty, set exquisite book sealed god

“I of honour” author: love diving squid reincarnation, Meng Qi since shaolin Temple began his “and life, who can resist” course.The old monk with white eyebrow sighed: “Abbot, the matter has come to this point, and we still save the temple incense for the top.””Mind zen teacher brother, your meaning, na understand.”Heart lonely slightly nod, slightly show vicissitudes of life to look back at the golden figure of Buddha, “barbarian got the day, it is the day of flowers like brocade, do not mention the so-called national teacher, Wolf Lord, everbright general duoer is the world several master, and life, rare encounter failure, at hand is three hundred iron Wolf soldier, invincible.””I shaolin if jade and stone burn, or is expected to block duo er check, but also can only block for a while, and now it seems, even a moment of fear can not block.””Yang God” author: dream into god machine wu Dao adult fairy.Cultivate immortals and become immortals.Highlights: When Hong Yi saw a group of white foxes sitting and reading books around a campfire in the valley, the only thought in his mind was “I really met a monster!”Although he had read Li Yan’s notes in the cottage, there were many stories about foxes, ghosts, passionate foxes, talented women and beautiful women, and he imagined that one day he would meet them.But who knows today really met, the heart is suddenly surging up a biting chill.”Am I not ye Gong, a good dragon?Calm and calm. If the fox ghost is really as recorded in the cottage notes, there is nothing to be afraid of.””Tao Guo” author: robe dyed with blood born god, change three bodies of life, can repair no double road;Life with evil spirit, stepping the world, only for a wick burning incense.Wonderful clip: After listening to Liu Yue’s words, an inexplicable force suddenly tightened up, so that Qiu Yan felt all over a heavy, clear thoughts come.”Not good!This is the cause and effect of kindred biting back!Among the three causes and effects, I have been fixated on the fruit of enmity and enmity, and the cause and effect of ambition have not been involved for the time being. Indeed, I have neglected my kinship.”The force of cause and effect is mysterious, involving all aspects, like an invisible rope, connecting people, people and all things together, cutting constantly and chaos.If nothing else, the mere presence of air is enough to make a man tremble, and if he is not careful enough, he may go astray and find it hard to turn back.

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