“Changle Master” cruise ship carries more than 300 tourists to spend Chinese New Year in Xisha

Haikou, China News Network, February 2According to Hainan Port & Aviation Straits Co., LTD., its “Changle Princess” ship, which is responsible for ecotourism routes in Xisha, opened its four-day and three-night maiden voyage in the Year of the Tiger on New Year’s Eve. More than 300 tourists from across the country took a cruise to Xisha to celebrate the Spring Festival.”In this blue sea, we write Spring Festival couplets and cut paper-cuts. It’s so romantic.”Ms. Gu, a tourist from Anhui province, was happy to show her achievements. She said that in the past, she had dinner with her family on The New Year’s Eve. This year, the three of them came to Xisha to celebrate the New Year with their friends from all over the country, which was very unforgettable.During the four-day and three-night trip, tourists held a New Year’s Flag-raising ceremony in Xisha and participated in the local characteristics of the New Year’s blessing activities.Visit Quanfu Island and Yinyu Island to experience different island scenery.Du Wei, from Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, got up early to watch the sunrise over the sea on the first day of the New Year. “I was very excited. The red sun rose in the east.She said that in previous years, the Spring Festival is always in the north of the snow, this year in the blue waves of the South China Sea.”We are in the motherland southern Xinjiang, to the people of the whole country happy New Year!”Tourists put the words “2022” under the national flag and shouted New Year’s greetings.It is understood that xisha eco-tourism route has profound cultural connotation, such as ganquan Island habitation site of tang and Song Dynasties, North Reef ancient shipwreck site, Xisha monument and Xisha General forest and other cultural attractions, is a good island tourism destination and patriotism education base.Xisha tour is also an ecological tour, this tour set up the protection of xisha science popularization and environmental protection activities.Eco-warriors activity organized by shares the channel, so far a total of 365 voyage, covering 85000 passengers, and through the interpretation of the display, awarded the medal of honor, photograph, selection methods such as strengthening the consciousness of passengers cherish environment, protect the ocean, to convey the “do not take away in addition to memory and to leave nothing but footprints” concept of environmental protection.(after)

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