National Development and Reform Commission dispatched cadres in Tiandong county to investigate the transfer of rural farmland

Recently, in order to deeply understand the current situation and characteristics of rural farmland transfer, the National Development and Reform Commission dispatched cadres from Tiandong County to Nanning, Hezhou, Laibin and other places to carry out thematic research.Temporary cadres in rice, sugar cane producing grain and vegetable production base, interviews with farmers and cooperatives operators, detailed understanding in recent years, the pattern of rural land circulation and rents, and discussion with autonomous regional agriculture and rural areas, sugar and other departments, analysis of cultivated land rent changes on grain, sugar cane production costs and the impact of the farmers grow enthusiasm, discussion related Suggestions.In the next step, temporary cadres will continue to pay attention to the change trend of the production cost of agricultural products, timely understand the situation at the grass-roots level, strengthen the analysis and judgment, and make positive contributions to ensure the safety of the supply of important agricultural products.

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