Stamp collecting is the foundation of friendship bridge

Wen/Liu Jiawei editor’s note: yesterday, the “stamp museum” forward an article on the Beijing Mr Li guoqing, caused the attention of many friends, vice President of the All-China philatelic federation, the original Liu Jiawei jesuits got also specially wrote a short essay, now send YouYou appreciate, thanks to Liu Jiawei President for “stamp museum” support and love!* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * stamp collecting is the foundation of bridge friendship Liu Jiawei recently saw an article written by Mr Li, “collecting stamps is through a window of the history of” I feel the same way.This reminds me of an article I read more than 20 years ago, which not only had some influence on me, but also remained a driving force for my longing and pursuit due to some regret.If I am asked to reply “stamp collecting is a window through history”, MY answer is to borrow a sentence from the article mentioned above, that is “stamp collecting is the cornerstone of building a bridge of friendship”.Collecting stamps is a hobby or hobby for many people.But it may be doubly so to me.This is because it is not only my hobby, but also my full-time job or profession.Because of this relationship, I have been reading books, periodicals and newspapers in the field of postal and philatelic all year round, and I seem to pay more attention to or be a little sensitive to the reports of some social media in the field of philatelic.I remember that in 2000, AS the chief collector of Chinese philatelic exhibits, I took my exhibits to the UK to participate in the World Stamp Exhibition. At that time, it was not difficult to visit the stamp market of Paris in the neighboring country. However, I failed to do so in 1995 and this trip to Europe.Not long after, I happened to read the article “The Stamp Market in Paris” in Literary Daily, written by Chen Yibo, who was not familiar to me.Can read this article, just as I read li Guoqing article the same feeling, the content of the article, just as I want to say.Here, in order to avoid the suspicion of plagiarism and unnecessary superfluous, I will collect more than 20 years of old newspapers, using modern technology to scan, copy, print, and present this article to readers.Although years have passed, knowledge is not outdated, and the experience should be deeper.”Paris stamp Market” author Chen Yibo during his stay in Paris, had the honor to get to know a few very good friends, although they have male and female, age difference is also very different, but have a cheerful and humorous personality, and hobbies are almost the same, that is to love collecting.The oldest of them, already in his late seventies, was hale and hearty and talkative.Especially when someone mentions stamp collecting, he can talk for a long time.Although I am not good at these things, I always listen quietly and never interrupt his enjoyment.So every time I see you, we talk about stamps.Once he invited me to his house to look at the treasure he had just collected.As for the stamp market in Paris, I used to go round in my spare time.It was the first place where enthusiasts exchanged their collections spontaneously, at the end of the most famous Champs-Elysees, the Marigny Square.Just a block away from the presidential palace, it occupies a small area and is only allowed to open on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.But on that day, just as the sun came out, the place began to hum.Some had deep pockets, driving their trailers surrounded by sheets of various stamps.In the sun, these colorful pieces of paper were so dazzling that many people stopped to admire them. There were hundreds of peddlers scattered here and there, not so much in style, but as if they had all been discussed.A small bench, on which are neatly stacked several stamp albums, on top of a small tweezers, is specially used to carefully pick up stamp products, if you are interested, you can go to any booth to check.While I was walking, I flipped through several people’s mail albums, but found that they have their own characteristics, even the theme is very distinct.Some are dedicated to sports, some to animals, and some to plants.There are more detailed categories, cats, dogs, famous buildings and so on.A young man who collects football stamps tells me enthusiastically that his business has improved a lot since France won the World Cup.The money earned from selling to foreign tourists at a time is enough to keep us cool for days.Knowing that I was from China, he immediately told me about the great event of the WOMEN’s World Cup in the United States with great interest.To my surprise, I could still reel off the names of several leading Chinese women’s football players.It seems that the impact of sports games on people is really not small, through a small football match, but make a far away from thousands of miles away from the foreign youth, to China sincerely thumbs up.More interesting is, there is a special fan of celebrity stamps, his collection of “world celebrities” turned over to me, which China’s postal department issued stamps to commemorate celebrities occupy a considerable proportion.As he pointed it out to me, he explained it eloquently.I heard him talk so well that I asked him if he had been to China, but he shook his head regretfully with a shrug of his shoulders and a heave of his hands.There are also people who specialize in collecting old, strange and even wrong stamps, which are very expensive because they are scarce.A stamp commemorating Columbus, for example, shows the great navigator holding a telescope, which anyone with common sense knows was invented a century after his death.A set of stamps issued in 1937 had decard’s famous book “The Methodology” written as “Methods of Speaking”.This is a great irony to the Parisians, who have always considered themselves To be Decarlians.Finally the authorities had to order it back immediately.A Parisian entrepreneur is said to be a lover of “classical” stamp products. He has collected two stamps of the French president before the coup d ‘etat of Napoleon in 1851. The market value of each stamp is more than 400,000 francs.Stamps but is originally a postage certificates send mail, but because of its fine printing, rich in content, has a distinctive feature of an inherent, especially by people long ago enthusiasts as a period, a region or a historical epitome of species, a movement, through which can increase more knowledge, can also make more like-minded friends.It has already passed through the boundaries of time and space and region, and has become a hot spot for many people to collect and the cornerstone of friendship bridge.At the same time, more and more people now regard stamp collecting as a long-term investment.According to friends, stamps issued in 1904 increased in value by 80 times in the next 90 years.Over the same period, income in Paris rose 4.9 times.He once pointed to a ten-franc 1959 stamp entitled “The Cloud Birds” and told me proudly that it was now worth more than 400 francs.No wonder there are so many people, never tired of this, to follow.This is recommended, thanks to the Network philatelic Museum for sharing.Note: “Philatelic Museum” thanks to President Liu Jiawei for authorizing this article, and also thanks to Chen Yibo for his article!Please contact us if you are involved.)Mr. Liu Jiawei, member of All-China Philately Federation, former vice President and secretary General, former Vice President of Asian Postal Union, member of Royal Philatelic Society, Member of Chinese Writers Association.

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