Tomb-sweeping Day to eat “3 green”, in addition to rich nutrition and so many benefits, miss and wait for a year

Every year before and after the Qingming Festival is a variety of seasonal vegetables or wild vegetables on the market season, for people who love to eat in the South of the Yangtze River, spring is the season of food, especially a lot of wild vegetables, only this season, miss will wait for a year, so people in the South of the Yangtze River spring table is always little without some wild vegetables;Wild vegetables in addition to taste good, and the very good nutritional value, especially the tomb-sweeping day temperatures before and after the throttle is not stable, are also likely to get sick, cold and heat are very common, a lot of wild vegetables not only act as the role of wild vegetables in the spring, or medicine homologous food ingredients, often eat a little bit, can help improve the body’s ability to fight disease,Here to share with you 3 kinds of suitable for qingming festival before and after the consumption of wild vegetables, with the help of health, like friends can try!, shepherd’s purse is just after winter is from the earth drill out a kind of wild vegetables, eat them now dig out shepherd ‘s-purse is not Fried dumpling stuffing, or do at this time of the shepherd’s purse already flower seed, as long as it is the season of wild, are already old, and early spring when the shepherd’s purse, then the shepherd ‘s-purse is fresh and tender, now already old shepherd ‘s-purse eating Fried with can’t bite,But now the nutritional value of shepherd’s purse is still very high, then how to eat shepherd’s purse at this time?I believe many friends have heard such a sentence: “Yangspring March 3, shepherd’s purse when the magic”, this time the shepherd’s purse is rich in nutrition, diuretic, eyesight, and liver, antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory effect, so many people in this day will go to the field to dig the whole shepherd’s purse, but not fried to eat but used to boil eggs;Dig shepherd ‘s-purse home clean, put in the pot, add eggs, open fire to boil eggs, eggs cooked after beating shell burst, like boiled tea eggs, egg shell crack turn a small fire boil again after 15 to 30 minutes, shepherd’s purse fragrance and nutrition will be absorbed by the eggs, cooked egg eats a recall boundless fragrance;Two, a kind of wild vegetables dandelion is relatively small wild vegetables, fresh dandelion leaves and roots are edible, and often went to vegetable market friends may meet, to many grandma dug dandelion to sell before and after the ching Ming festival, most people know the dandelion perhaps because it can make tea to drink, have the effect of heat-clearing and detoxifying, runchang purge, actually the role of dandelion is far more than that,Dandelion is rich in nutrition, containing dandelion alcohol, organic acid, glucose, vitamin C, vitamin D, carotene, a variety of trace elements and so on, it is a kind of food and food ingredients, in China’s edible history and medicinal history is very long;There are many ways to make dandelion, after blanching can be directly dipped in sauce, scrambled eggs, dumplings, salad, soup and so on, the following and we share a salad dandelion, with a little bitter taste, but it is a good dish to clear heat and reduce fire;Dandelion salad is a vegetarian dish, in order to nutrition and taste more rich, dandelion salad with some eggs, also can neutralize a little dandelion bitter, so that the taste is better;Dandelion, egg, garlic, millet;1, buy home dandelion clean after blanching pot, pot of water to boil, boil after adding a spoonful of salt and a little cooking oil, salt and cooking oil can make blanched dandelion does not change color, color or green, add dandelion, blanching for about 2 minutes;2, dandelion blanching soft, remove in cold water too cool, soak for a while, to avoid dandelion leaves yellow, after drying dry water;3, prepare some ingredients, chopped garlic, rice spicy cut into circles, 2 eggs beat in the bowl, add a little salt to taste, a little cooking wine to fishy, stir evenly;4, the pot heat up, add a little cooking oil, add beaten egg liquid, spread into egg cake, such as egg liquid completely solidified, off the fire out of the pot, and then cut the egg cake into shreds, and then cut into pieces;5, squeezed dry water dandelion cut into the end, add eggs and ingredients, add a small spoon of salt, a spoon of vinegar, stir evenly, delicious dandelion salad is done;Three, in our country, edible tsao’s history is very long, especially in the before and after the ching Ming festival, known as “qingming festival food, no hard no disaster”, tsao is a kind of medicine homologous food ingredients, tsao in many places, also called mugwort, mugwort, etc., it put on the door of the mugwort and Dragon Boat Festival is not the same, in the words of the old, before and after the ching Ming festival to eat tsao is mugwort,Mugwort in this season is the most fresh and tender, it has the effect of warming the meridian to stop bleeding, dispersing cold and relieving pain, dispelling dampness and relieving itching, warming the palace, detumescence and dispersing knots.Tsao method has a lot of, can make tea, porridge, Fried eggs, do dumplings, steamed rice cakes, and group, etc., enjoy spring seasonal cuisine at the same time, also can strengthen the body’s ability to fight disease, so be sure to eat frequently, before and after the qingming festival if you can pick the wormwood is more, can keep dry, wait until autumn winter days and then take out to soak the foot,Also can promote blood circulation, improve the body cold;Here is a classic way to eat Mugwort — Hakka Mugwort leaves baba;Hakka Mugwormleaves baba is the most common kind of food around qingming Festival. It is a kind of cake belonging to Qingming Festival. It is simple in practice and has high nutritional value.Artemisia argyi 200g, clear water 320g, japonica rice flour 600g;1, prepare appropriate amount of artemisia argyi, remove the old stem, clean, put in the pot blanched, add 2g baking soda to the pot, add artemisia argyi, cook until the leaves become soft, about 2-3 minutes, boiled artemisia argyi out of the cold, squeeze out the water, after processing artemisia argyi there are 200g;2, 200g mugwort leaves in the cooking machine, add ready 320g water, stir into mugwort leaves juice, stir good mugwort leaves juice without filtering, directly added to 600g japonica rice powder, a small number of times, slowly stir, here if you like a little sweeter taste friends, you can add 80g white sugar in rice powder, sugar can not be added,Begin to knead into a soft and stiff dough;3, kneaded the dough aside Xing surface after 15 minutes, and then take a sub-agent, about 50 g each, argyi sub-agent rub first round, round and after flattening, a argyi BaBa is ready, 4, fresh make argyi BaBa can be steamed, can also be Fried oil, frying in crisp outside of artemisiae argyi BaBa, taste is very good, the pot adding suitable amount of cooking oil,Add mugwormwood leaves baba, fry slowly over medium and small fire, fry the bottom until it is set, then turn over and fry the other side. During the frying process, turn over frequently until golden brown on both sides, press the spatula to make it elastic, and then it can be out of the pot.5. The fried Mugwort leaves baba can be sprinkled with an appropriate amount of white sugar and taken while it is hot. The unique fragrance of Mugwort leaves comes to your nose, light but long, crisp outside and waxy inside, delicious and not sticky to your teeth.This article is the original article, like friends can click favorites, attention oh, if you have different opinions and views, also welcome to leave a message below the article, thank you for your support!

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