What condition does the name need to add on room this

What condition does the name need to add on room this?Above all, add the condition that the name needs on room this: 1. Must have house property card.2. The owner of the property certificate agrees to add the name.3. Both parties are required to be present when adding the name to the real estate certificate.4. There is no mortgage, loan or seizure on the house.Secondly, we must pay attention to, if the loan of the house is not paid off, it is not for the house property certificate plus name, and generally in the bank for mortgage loans, the house property certificate will be temporarily stored in the bank, I may not get the house property certificate, no house property certificate is also impossible to handle the house property certificate plus name.In addition, it is necessary to pay a certain amount of formalities for handling the property certificate and name, and everyone’s situation is different, so the processing process is not the same, if necessary, the specific details can be consulted to the real estate trading center where the house is located.Finally, the property ownership certificate can be added to a number of owners, when adding co-owners, it is possible to agree on the share of the co-owner of property rights, if not agreed, so the owners will occupy the same share of the property rights of the house, this is the need to pay attention to, everything will be subject to the property ownership certificate, the property ownership certificate on some.

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