Advocating qingming festival worship new wind Guiyang fire propaganda constantly highlights

During the Qingming Festival, the sacrificial crowd and spring farming activities increase, the forest area fire prevention situation is severe.In recent days, Guiyang jingkai District fire rescue brigade took the initiative to carry out publicity and education in the form of on-site publicity and street walking and focus on bright screen, to do a good job during the Qingming Festival civilization sacrifice and fire safety publicity work.Window one: during the multi-sectoral joint efforts to propaganda, fire rescue brigade joint jurisdiction dimness streets, PingQiao street, Mr Meng street, king street staff building, the policemen, volunteers, in the form of “knock door”, goes into people’s homes, to distribute the flyers on fire control safety knowledge, to advocate citizen civilized ritual.Assist residents to carry out home fire inspection on site, explain to the masses face to face the use of fire, electricity, gas and other closely related fire safety precautions, explain the details and importance of family fire prevention.At the same time, in the community bulletin board, a prominent position posted “2022 Tomb-Sweeping Day Fire Prevention Initiative”, so that the fire propaganda deeply popular.Highlight 2:Mass fire prompt message breadth with the help of a mobile phone short message platform for propaganda advantage, using the cell phone information transmission is fast, use of personnel, more concise and clear characteristics, by the open fire rescue brigade actively coordinate mobile operators, such as jurisdiction to the developing economic district of forest fire prevention safety tips of mobile phone users group of more than 50000 text messages, and prompt the general public during the qingming festival of fire prevention awareness, enhance their awareness of the importance of fire,Let the awareness of fire prevention take root in the minds of the masses, and strive to form a good situation of “everyone understands fire protection, everyone pays attention to fire protection and everyone participates in fire protection”.Highlight three: small speakers + outdoor electronic screen to promote thick “please residents civilized sacrifice, use flowers instead of firecrackers paper money to express condolences to ancestors” “Qingming festival sacrifice can not burn paper in the fields at will, to prevent forest fires caused by strong winds”…During the publicity period, the community grid members and the staff of the street office were actively launched to carry out safety publicity by using the “hand-held trumpet” as a down-to-earth publicity platform, advocating green civilization worship, improving residents’ fire safety and ensuring the safety of residents’ lives and property.At the same time, to break the conventional way of popular science education, to guide the jurisdiction dense areas of personnel, such as shopping malls, leisure square management unit, the use of building television and LED display bright screen, 24-hour rolling play fire safety tips during the qingming festival, fire escape propaganda animation, such as video clips, tissue hanging banners and slogans,Carry out propaganda and education to the masses from the vision and hearing, and build a “firewall” on the thoughts of the masses under the jurisdiction.Source: Vitality Via open editor Judy Editor Wang Li Lo Chang

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