Artistes natto is hospitalized for cerebral hemorrhage, and the latest condition is exposed: after the New Year, the recovery rate of ordinary ward is high

41 years old Natto (Lin Yuzhi) January 24 shock cerebral hemorrhage sent to the hospital, after the evaluation of drainage surgery, fortunately, the operation process is smooth, currently in the hospital to recuperate, February 2 is natto 10 days in hospital, for outside concern, the agent also revealed natto the latest condition.According to media reports, Natto is still not fully conscious, but is generally in good condition and has a high chance of full recovery. He is expected to be transferred to a general ward and begin recovery after the Lunar New Year.”The family says they are recovering well. Thank you for your concern,” natto’s publicist said in an update on natto’s condition.In addition, Natto’s uncle also said that he is very concerned about natto’s health every day, has been several days, I hope he can recover soon, “I believe it will go in a good direction, we all hope natto return to his stage as soon as possible, we wish him, come on Natto.

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