Blind masseurs home for the Spring Festival, bus volunteers 34 stations relay escort

On the afternoon of January 26, Jiang Haiying, a blind masseur in Dazhou Village, Chengyang Street, Chengyang District, transferred to two bus lines from his work place in Shinan district. After 34 stops, he had to pass through an overpass and finally went home smoothly for the Spring Festival.Under the escort of two volunteer teams of Qingdao City Sports Holding Group, her way home was not only accompanied by others, but also warm and safe.Jiang Haiying is a blind masseur. She lives and eats in a massage shop on Jintian Road in The southern district of Shinan. She can only go out with her family or colleagues.With the Spring Festival approaching, massage shop to shut down the holiday, how to safely go home for the New Year, has become a puzzle jiang Haiying.”When I go home, my family always picks me up and transfers two lines of bus to get home.”Jiang haiying said she would not dare to travel alone as her family was stuck at the end of the year and she would have to pass through an overpass to transfer between them.On January 25, Qingdao Chengyun Holding Group learned of jiang Haiying’s difficulties in returning home for the Spring Festival, and immediately arranged its warm bus “Xin Fei fei” volunteer service team and Qingdao bus “Firefly Light” volunteer team to escort Jiang Haiying safely home.At 1:00 PM on January 26, two “xin Fei” volunteers came to jinjiang Haiying massage shop.Jiang haiying was very excited when she learned that the volunteers had come to pick her up. “Thank you for escorting me home,” she said.Volunteers helped Jiang haiying on her way home, picking up two bags of Spring Festival goods she had prepared.At 1:12 PM, accompanied by volunteers, Jiang Haiying successfully took bus No. 601 and was arranged on a special seat for love.At 1:52 PM, the bus arrived at the Sunshine mountain bus station, and the volunteers helped Jiang Haiying out of the bus.At this time, Qingdao bus “firefly light” volunteers, has been waiting here early, took the baton of love, helped Jiang Haiying across the bridge, successfully transferred to chengyang bus 932 bus.Jiang Haiying was full of joy to go home for the Spring Festival and chatted excitedly with the “Fireflow light” volunteer.At around 4 PM, after the Bus no. 932 stopped at the East station of Dazhou Village, Chengyang District, the volunteers helped Jiang Haiying get off the bus. Jiang haiying’s family held hands with the volunteers and thanked them excitedly: “For your trouble on the way!Thanks to your help, Hein was able to get home safely.”It was a love relay with 34 stops. Accompanied by two volunteer teams of Chengyun Holding, Jiang Haiying transferred to Bus No. 601 and Bus No. 932 successively. After 34 stops, she went back to her home in Dazhou Village, Chengyang From Jintian Road, Shinan District.It is reported that many volunteer service teams under The City Transport Holding Group have been enthusiastically involved in public welfare activities for the disabled and the blind for many years. In the future, they will continue to provide loving services for the visually impaired, convey the temperature of the city transport and show the image of the island city bus people.”Flying in the sky” volunteers handed over the blind masseur to “Firefight” volunteers safely delivered the visually impaired masseur to the destination safely

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