Shangqiu city fire rescue detachment in January fire hidden units exposed

1. The main hidden dangers of Xinlong Fresh Supermarket in Minquan County are as follows: the electrical wiring of the monitoring room in the supermarket does not meet safety regulations and does not wear flame retardant pipe protection.2. Main hidden dangers of Xiangyun Foot Road in Zhecheng County: some lines are laid in disorder without flame retardant pipe protection;The second floor uses liquefied gas stoves for cooking;On the third floor, the building of combustible foam sandwich color steel plate house was illegal;The stairwell is finished with combustible materials.3. Main hidden dangers of Yongcheng John Property Management Co., LTD. (Tianruncheng Phase I) : There are many faults in the fire control cabinet that are not repaired in time;The personnel on duty in the fire control room are not proficient in operating the fire control equipment.

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