Siziwang Banner People’s Court set up township “Judge workstation” to open the “last mile” of litigation service

In order to further enhance efficiency optimization under the rule of law to do business big discussion activity, promote the court deep into the grassroots social governance, implementation work of the people’s court of the center of gravity forward, power, sinking, accurately grasp the enterprises within their respective jurisdictions, residents of legal requirements, smooth communication channels, to provide “door” litigation legal services such as consulting, the franco-prussian propaganda, from the source to reduce litigation increment,We will foster a more stable, fair, transparent and predictable law-based business environment.On April 1, President Wang Jiang and his delegation went deep into the riverside sumu and Bayinao Bao Sumu and held the opening ceremony of “Judge workstation”.By setting up the judge workstation, our hospital will actively integrated into the grid, relying on the grid management mobile terminals and online contact such as telephone, WeChat field visits and offline, establishing and perfecting the “judge workstation” dispute resolving mechanism, deep wood XiangZhenChang resolve disputes, actively organize the franco-prussian propaganda, to ensure that the “small things out no town village, big, difficult not flag”.We will promote the modernization of rural governance system and governance capacity from point to point, and make active contributions to the governance of conflicts throughout the Banner.At the same time, we insist on the deep integration of “judge workstation” and optimizing the law-based business environment.Based on “the judge workstation”, combined with the optimization under the rule of law to do business big discussion activity, based on the functions of the court and normalized to carry out “open the door and” activities, to ensure alignment with the difficulty in the enterprise development, plugging point, pain points, accurately grasp the legal requirements of the enterprise, classified, top service, target power, precise ShiCe, help enterprises to develop the mass transfer efficiency.

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