Condensed is the essence of the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival car posters revealed what highlights?

I wish you and your family happiness, good health, success and prosperity in 2022!On holidays, enterprises and associations in the automobile industry launch posters as a rule.Posters in between, bearing new hope and blessing.Long Lens collected some posters from social media and put them together to wish China’s auto industry continued prosperity in 2022.In the past, posters were mainly composed of long pictures and nine-grid Mosaic pictures. Now, most posters return to the form of single pictures, turning complex into simple, and concentrated content is the essence. If it is long, it will backfire.On the whole, this year’s car posters have the following characteristics: First, because it is the Year of the Tiger, the posters all have tiger elements, most of the background color is red, set off the festive atmosphere of holidays.At the same time, tiger as the title, combined with the characteristics of the car enterprise with tiger word idiom.For example, the extreme fox’s “fox tiger living power”, “fox disguised tiger power” in another way will stand tall.Second, some companies reported January sales as good news.For example, xiaopeng, Nezha and Zerorun, which are dominated by new forces, highlight the rapid growth of new energy vehicles.Third, many car companies have changed to the form of video number to pay New Year’s greetings, so there are no posters.Through the transmission of video number can carry more content, will become a trend.In addition, some enterprises in order to continue the heat of the holiday period, every day are also doing posters of different themes, it is too hard.Please read the picture below:Byd “Fu Hu Sheng Wei” Beijing cross-country show family photo Great Wall WEY brand Salon car with the image of the core tank brand expressed the warmth of self-drive home Geely automobile,Prosperous pole krypton high-speed growth histogram changan auto drying out brocade carp image qi hesui changan auchan family older nk cheng launched promotional gifts chery new energy security go express way car send ZhuFuKai wing car welcome large New Year Spring Festival couplets celebrity with star families were joyous New Year public tiger eye lamp impressive on the theme of Shanghai Volkswagen faw Volkswagen audi to’s day celebrationDongfeng Peugeot models according to the main force to do the theme poster according to dongfeng infiniti QX60 do the theme poster dongfeng Citroen according to Versailles C5X the theme poster dongfeng Citroen according to the winner for the theme poster dongfeng scenery dongfeng-citroen automobile warm greetings from tenant arashi figure car red envelope guangqi Honda colors change red gac ella, Ann NDA gac intelligent pilot aided system 1The monthly sales increased by 118% year on year. Saic Roewe key model whale faW Toyota new model CorollaSharp come home New Year kia southeast xiao peng car history cumulative delivery rate, over 150000 zero run car in January 2022 growth of 434% yoy which zha car deliveries for 3 months in a row high broken Wan Wei to achieve steady growth in automobile highlights the door features a fox fox “tiger tiger” o art emotional intelligence wichita driving – vita 11 pole star to track draw a tiger’s headChina Association of Automobile Manufacturers China Automobile Distribution Association China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automobile Industry Branch

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