Dali Blue cangshan snow, a tribute to the Beijing Winter Olympics

Dali Lanxu, a tie-dye town in the southwest of China, presented the Winter Olympics with a stitch and a touch. It perfectly integrated bai nationality skills and the spirit of the Winter Olympics, presenting the beauty of the Winter Olympics, the beauty of nature, the glory of ice and snow and the charm of the Winter OlympicsWinter Olympics awards element with winter colour “TianJi blue” in the system as the main body color, podiums, the pallets of blue and white gradient has been adopted, or dark blue light blue gradient method to render the “shading” Oriental aesthetic artistic conception, a symbol of the Chinese culture and world culture, embodies the Chinese open, friendship, peace and tolerance.The design inspiration of the work “Ice and Snow Glory charm Winter Olympics” mainly comes from the elements of the Winter Olympics award, and integrates Dali blue, Cangshan snow and other patterns.The works adhere to the green and sustainable concept of “Hosting the Olympic Games”, based on the perspective of Yunnan ecological diversity, based on the national intangible cultural heritage bai tie dyeing skills, combined with embroidery, Bai batik creation, the integration of diverse ethnic skills, showing the diligence and wisdom of bai people.The work uses horse blue at the foot of Cangshan mountain to dye, improving the traditional techniques of blue stiff and decolorization problems;At the same time, it breaks through the traditional tie-dyeing technique of only applying bright patterns, and presents the changes of colors and curves in dyeing, so that the beauty of craftsmanship can be used in daily life.The combination of shades of blue means endless life.Zhang Hanmin, Executive Director of Dali Lanxu Cultural Development Co., LTD. Our team carefully selected every material from design to mounting, and carefully discussed every detail. Sometimes we would stay up until two or three o ‘clock, when we saw the finished product, we were full of sense of achievement.Sports ICONS of the Winter Olympic Games are one of the most important visual image elements. They can directly convey the charm of each sport. Inspired by Chinese characters, they convey a long tradition and vivid charm spanning thousands of years, with unique charm.The work “Striving for wonderful Winter Olympics” measures 1.1 meters by 1.5 meters. It presents the sports ICONS of the Winter Olympics with bai nationality tie-dye technique and records the wonderful moments on the sports ground.Each icon is 12 cm long and 12 cm wide, representing the cycle of 12 months in a year;A total of 24 ICONS were made to represent the 24 solar terms in China, ingeniously blending the spirit of sports and the beauty of solar terms to create a Chinese-style romance.The background is the Olympic rings, presented in the way of embroidery, to express the meaning of integration, unity.In terms of color, the red color dyed by vegetation expresses the enthusiasm and hope of China.Zhang Hanmin, executive director of Dali City Lanxu Cultural Development Co., LTD., works of the same significance with the spirit of the Winter Olympics, is the result of joint struggle, on behalf of the Bai family children to the Winter Olympics, pay tribute to struggling athletes.Source: Dali Rongmedia

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