Smart electric vehicles have become a new favorite in the new school season, and young users in Taiyuan pay more attention to the sense of technology and safety when buying cars

With the start of spring semester in primary and secondary schools around the country, the consumption of electric bicycles is gradually heating up.The reporter understands from electric bicycle sales store, this year the merchandise sales of the opening season presents a new feature, that is, the user’s focus on electric vehicle products is fast from the appearance level and performance in the past, the transition to the sense of technology and safety of the product.Haro electric vehicles and other corresponding businesses have also launched innovative marketing methods such as trade-in, interest-free and phased flower, so that consumers have more choices when buying and exchanging electric bicycle products.Intelligentization becomes a trend yesterday morning, the citizen Ms Zhao is located in the small shop area true wu road of the hello electric car store mentioned the new purchase of hello electric car, in order to facilitate the daughter to pick up and down school daily.For her, it’s a new experience. “You swipe your phone to unlock the lock, you can ride it away, and you can use your phone’s location system to prevent theft remotely.”Ms. Zhao told reporters that the point that the Hallo electric car moved him is full sense of science and technology and safety.With VVSMART, she says, the Hallo is very playable, with one-click start, burglar alarm, siren and more she’s trying to discover.As a new force in the two-wheel electric vehicle industry, Hallo electric vehicle brings in intelligent technology to inject new vitality into the industry.Up to now, Hallo electric has about 3,000 stores nationwide, including nearly 10 in Taiyuan, attracting many young consumers and parents of students.Mr. Zhang, who operates two electric vehicles in Taiyuan, told reporters that consumers now have higher requirements for the sense of science and technology when buying electric vehicles. “In addition to beautiful and generous design and higher performance configuration, intelligent functions are also indispensable.”Some customers, he says, come into the store and explicitly ask for an electric car that can be located, connected to the Internet at all times and unlocked by mobile phones.The reporter experienced a Hello electric car on the spot. After binding to a specific vehicle, the intelligent control of the electric car can be easily realized only through the Hello Travel App.Car interface can not only display speed, power, mileage and other operating status, but also support map navigation, music playing, voice interaction and other functions.Some models will also be able to charge their phones wirelessly while riding.Mr. Zhang told reporters, like a key start, anti-theft alarm, honking car and other functions, has gradually become the standard allocation of intelligent electric vehicles.The reporter learned that in addition to the main intelligent electric car hallo, Niu, No. 9 and other new brands, Yadi, Emma, Xinri and other old brands also follow the trend, have launched intelligent products.Safety first Safety is the “primary problem” that two-wheel electric vehicles can not be ignored.In recent years, there have been frequent safety problems with two-wheeled electric vehicles, especially charging them indoors or in the stairway, causing many “bloody lessons”.After the introduction of the “new national standard” for electric vehicles, the two-wheel electric vehicle market ushered in a battery revolution — lithium batteries are gradually replacing traditional lead-acid batteries.To actively promote the implementation of the “new gb”, hello electric cars are given “to old change new, rent of airplane and generation”, such as a full range of solutions, two motor cars specific solutions to users “ChaoBiaoChe disposal problem”, “electric vehicle charging, charging a risk”, “electric cars can’t go upstairs, and many other problems.According to The company, any old car of any brand can bring the lead-acid batteries to its offline stores for “trade-in”.Moreover, The Hallo electric car also provides battery rental service, which can reduce the trouble of charging high-rise users and eliminate the hidden danger caused by charging.”By changing the way, we can solve the public’s worries about using the new NATIONAL standard electric vehicles, including the problem of battery life, community charging safety hazards and other problems.”A person in charge of the electricity exchange business “Xiaha Electric Exchange” under The company said that the “Xiaha intelligent electricity exchange cabinet” is still in the exhibition stage in the city, and will be introduced to the entire Xiamen market when the time is ripe.According to the introduction, hallo electric car school season A80, A86 and other models, in terms of hardware is also equipped with a variety of core black technology, the maximum weight of the vehicle frame 130 kg, solid safety;The design of front and rear double hydraulic shock absorption, front and rear vacuum tires and disc brake, when riding on pothole road, the stability of the body is excellent, and the shock absorption and comfort of daily riding are fully guaranteed.These safety measures have been well received by consumers as soon as they hit the market.In the process of visiting the reporter found that the sales model of The Hello electric car is the new retail mode of “online order, offline pick up the car”.The new retail mode is different from the separation of online and offline sales mode adopted by traditional stores. Users can place orders online and then pick up their cars in offline stores.Sellers can sell through online e-commerce and offline stores.Manager Sun, who is in charge of The Company in Taiyuan, said that the new retail approach adopted by The company requires all stores to set a unified price, which no longer “varies from person to person” and “varies from store to store”, which not only guarantees the user’s purchase experience, but also safeguards the rights and interests of dealers.When it comes to new retail attempts to receive orders online, Mr. Wang, who has been operating electric vehicles for more than ten years, is deeply touched.He told reporters: “Relying on the brand’s huge platform flow, there is no need to worry about customer resources;Uniform and transparent prices, no annoying haggling and more pleasant transactions.”These are the advantages of the new retail approach, says Mr Wang.Ms. Zhao believes that online shopping offline car this model is also very consistent with the shopping habits of young people.’Ordering online, going to the store to test drive and pick up the car went very smoothly,’ she said.”The new retail approach makes buying cars easier and transactions more transparent.””She said.

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