The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) : We will steadily advance the trial of digital RMB research and development and expand the scope of the trial in an orderly manner

The People’s Bank of China held a video conference on currency, gold, silver and security work in 2022 on March 24, according to the central bank’s website.The meeting summarized the work of currency, gold, silver and security in 2021, analyzed the current situation, and made arrangements for key work in 2022.The meeting called on the People’s Bank of China to fully safeguard cash supply in 2022, consolidate and form a long-term mechanism to regulate and reject cash, continue to improve the cleanliness of the renminbi in circulation, and further strengthen the defense line against fake currency.We will steadily advance the trial development of the digital renminbi, expand its scope in an orderly manner, continue to improve its design and use, and gradually establish a sound regulatory framework.Strengthen the cash business management of banking financial institutions, strengthen and improve the issuing management of ordinary and precious metal commemorative coins, further promote the transformation of banknote processing, issuing warehouse and security management of the People’s Bank of China, and promote non-standard gold and silver inventory and currency history research.We will earnestly implement the requirements for tightening our belts, continue to improve the internal and external management systems, and strengthen oversight, restraint, and internal governance.

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