Uncivilized traffic habits will be severely punished in Hohhot

Hohhot will focus on pedestrians and non-motor vehicles not going their own way, jumping red lights, forcibly changing lanes and other behaviors to carry out vigorous rectification, uncivilized traffic habits will be severely punished.On April 7, the Paper news (www.thepaper.cn) reporter learned from the press conference organized by the Information Office of Hohhot Municipal People’s Government that in 2022, Hohhot municipal government launched the special rectification action of “One Month with one theme” to create the city, and identified April as the “Civilized Traffic Month, small advertising month”.In order to ensure effective work, Hohhot public Security Bureau will carry out intersection order regulation action.The “model project” will be built at major traffic intersections, focusing on 47 major traffic intersections and covering the whole city. Automatic capturing devices will be built at intersections to capture illegal behaviors of pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, and real-time exposure and warning will be provided through the display screens of intersections.Vigorously punish pedestrians and non-motor vehicles for not going their own way, jaywalking, going on the wrong side of the road, running red lights, and motor vehicles for not yielding to zebra crossings, forcibly changing lanes, and blocking roads, strictly regulate and impose heavy penalties on uncivilized traffic habits, and call on the general traffic participants to gradually develop the practice of “not going the wrong way, not running lights, and stopping within the line”.Force to develop “slow down, observe, comity” civilized traffic habits.It is reported that the public security department of Hohhot will also deploy police forces at sections and intersections to continue to crack down on illegal behaviors such as electric bikes going the wrong way, running red lights, jaywalking and riders not wearing safety helmets.In particular, takeout, express riders have illegal behavior, will be copied to the industry competent departments, the implementation of joint punishment.

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