After a car accident, a college student obtains the inheritance of ancient medicine and plays in the city

Le Xuan to push the book!Recently many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you are optimistic, remember to collect + attention, not afraid of book shortage again!Today xiaobian recommend to you: the first book “city ancient fairy doctor” author: Super cool dark beer introduction: junior ye Uncommon, touch porcelain to raise medical expenses for his mother, but encounter not according to the routine card female driver, was hit by the ancient medical door inheritance, from the medical skill, repair method, play the city, won countless beauty favor.”Quickly put the child on the hospital bed, immediately for emergency treatment.”Hear is the city health bureau chief hand over things, Xie Haitao did not dare to neglect, let the middle-aged man put the boy on the ICU bed.See the little boy’s face, shortness of breath, has fallen into a coma, the situation is very bad, Ye Uncommon did not say anything more.This medicine thing is gonna work out sooner or later, not yet.”How did the child get sick?” xie asked as he examined the boy.The middle-aged man said, “My son was fine when he came home from school, but after a while he complained of feeling sick, and soon developed a fever, which was very severe, and then fell into a coma.”After examination, Xie said, “Don’t worry. It’s just a common cold with a severe fever. I’ll give him some antipyretic medicine now and he will be well soon.”Because do not know the other party with director Zhou is what relation, he spoke extremely polite.The middle-aged man breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s very good, sorry to trouble you, doctor.”Xie Haitao took zhang Xiaoman prepared good antipyretic, will give the little boy injection.Ye Fanfan shook his head and said, “He doesn’t have a cold at all. If you use a fever reducer, it will aggravate your condition.””What do you know?Are you going to treat the patient or should I?Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand.”Just been exposed dirty acts, Xie Haitao had a belly anger, immediately vent out at this time.Then he picked up the syringe and injected the boy with a fever-reducing medicine.As time went on, a little color came into the boy’s face, as if the pain had lessened.Xie Haitao a face complacent of say: “see, I said just a small cold, no matter.”The middle-aged man was relieved, nodded repeatedly and said: “Yes, yes, Thank the doctor is worthy of director, medical skill is high.”But at this time, the little boy’s tender face suddenly twisted up, limbs began to twitch, the mouth kept spitting foam, the bedside instrument issued a harsh cry.Blood pressure drops, heart rate slows rapidly, and life looks imminent.The middle-aged man immediately cried nervously, “Doctor, what’s going on here?What’s wrong with my son?”Xie Haitao was also startled, according to his diagnosis, the little boy is a common cold, how can suddenly appear this situation?The middle-aged man anxiously called: “Doctor, you quickly think of a way, I have such a son!””I…”Xie Haitao at a loss for a time, he did not know what this is, how to think?Seeing the little boy’s situation more and more critical, the middle-aged man angrily shouted: “you quack, my son has an accident let you pay for life!””I’ll do it.”Ye Uncommon obtained the inheritance of the ancient medical door, always can not see the dead.He went to his bed and said, “I told you you were wrong. It’s not a cold at all. It’s poisoning.”Then he took out the silver needles in his pocket and stabbed them one by one into the big hole in the boy’s chest.”What are you doing?Xie Haitao just want to come forward to stop, suddenly move in the heart, stop and call: “interfere with my treatment of the patient, out of any consequences will be responsible for by you!”(Click the card can be read for free) the second “the best small Doctor god” author: the focus of the beginning of the introduction: under chance coincidence, Jiang Mu obtained the inheritance of the medical way, from now on to the medical way, practicing medicine to hunt ghosts, romantic flowers.Neighborhood little sister, charming royal sister, pure school flower, all the beauty.”There’s been an accident, ambulance, call ambulance!”Passers-by were shocked and shouted. The driver of the cement truck got off with a pale face and looked at a pool of blood seven or eight meters away. His lips trembled…Ten minutes later, the ambulance came roaring.”The patient still has vital signs, at least 10 fractures, prepare emergency measures…”Jiang mu was carried by several professional medical staff to the ambulance, the whole process, he was in a deep coma.But now Ginger’s consciousness was clear, and he felt as if his soul was watching like an outsider, locked in a transparent glass jar.”Am I dead?Although jiang mu heard the emergency workers say he still has vital signs, but jiang Mu gave birth to a sense of his own as if dead.In front of the dark, jiang Mu felt a strong suction, in this irresistible suction pulled down, when jiang Mu returned to god again, he found himself in a very special space.This space gives the wood an extremely unreal feeling, empty everywhere, even the light spot, look a little unreal.”Is this a hell station?”Jiang didn’t look around at a loss.”Not hell, but close enough.”An old voice, as if carrying a strong smell of the ancient time, suddenly rang out like a bell grain.At the same moment, a light of yellowish light suddenly appeared without warning in front of the ginger.This light point continuously diffuses, after thoroughly opens, can see, a light type figure, so lightly “stands” in front of him.This was an old man with a gentle face and a kindly appearance.”You……Are you…””My name is Jiang Shang!”Who is Kang Sang?Jiang Mu was completely confused in his head. Although the name jiang Shang sounded very familiar to him, as if he had heard it before, he could not remember it.”Word number son tooth.”The old man smiled and whisked his beard, blinking his eyes as he spoke, and a wisp of mocking light emerged from his eyes.”Ginger tooth?!”Jiang mu body a shock, incredible stare big eyes.This is a mythical figure, although he knows that according to historical records, there seems to be such a figure in history, but when it comes to the journey of the deity, Jiang mu actually treats this as a fairy tale.But now, the old man, with his hair and face, was telling him in such a special space that he was the legendary Jiang Ziya…This makes the ginger wood on the brain, is not normal operation.He stared at the old man with the same look of utter horror.’Come back!The old man who is called Jiang Ziya saw this and gave his hand to snap his fingers, drank a little and called jiang Mu back to god.”You……Are you really the old fairy in the legend?”Ginger swallowed and asked in a dry voice.”This is not important, the important thing is that the old husband never thought that there should be direct descendants handed down. Now time is running out. Since fate has brought you together, the old husband will send you a great chance…”Introduction: In the spring of 1984, a cook walked into the dream of red Mansions actor training class, from then on opened a legendary experience.At the door of the guesthouse, yi Qing flash turn and move room, a set of Yanqing boxing was finished, and immediately a cheer came. Yanqing boxing pays attention to light and agile movements, flexible and changeable, focusing on waist and leg skills, thick feet, regular work frame, sufficient power, which can be used for actual combat, but also for performance.When they were fighting, Yi Qing had noticed that there were a lot of people crowding in the window upstairs to look down, and he didn’t care. Now he heard the Shouting, but felt a little embarrassed. He hurriedly gave a gesture to the upstairs and downstairs with his fist clenched in his hands, but forgot that his style was more like a street performer.Wang Fulin clapped his hands again and again: “good, good, you see, if let him play Liu Xianglian how?”Zhou Ling was the first to express his opinion: “there is no problem with the image, and the more important thing is that Xiao Yi has martial arts foundation, so there is no problem!”In the story, Liu Xianglian is a master with unique skills, who saved Xue Pan from many bandits. They had planned to find someone from the martial arts team of Yanjing Sports School to play the role, but they met several people, but none of them was suitable. If Yi Qing would like to play the role, it would be great.Although because of height can’t play into jia baoyu a pity, but can play LiuXiangLian also good, the emphasis of the dream of red mansions are “wanna cry thousand red, brilliant thoughts”, is the daughter’s house, in addition to jia baoyu, the pen rarely for other male characters, LiuXiangLian is a more important role.So when Wang Fulin offered him the role of Liu Xianglian, Yi Qing said yes without even thinking about it.Yi Qing did not hesitate. He knew he had to make up his mind immediately, otherwise he might make a different choice when he went back.Yi Qing just wants to get involved and build up his resume. As for what role he plays, or even whether he can really become an actor in the future, he doesn’t care much about it. He only thinks that when people refer to the 87 version of “A Dream of Red Mansions”, it will be enough to know that he was involved in it.That’s pretty much settled, but then there’s the more practical problem.Honglou play group is doing training class now, all actors are eating and living together, if Yi Qing wants to play Liu Xianglian, nature can not be an exception, but if eat and live in the play group like others, his job in the restaurant can only be lost.(Click the card to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendation, what would you like to say to the editor?At the end of the article below the comment area, xiaobian can see oh, pay attention to xiaobian not lost yo, look forward to your message ~ “The King of the Rob” after the failure of the rob, IQ out of the problem, the way of practice, not normal ~ “Heaven and Earth sword God” xiuxian article: sixteen years old, through the way of wu Jiuheaven, into the congenital realm!The man threw down the marriage certificate coolly: “Baby take it, go to battle!””Big guy he is fierce” have ability to seduce other people boyfriend, install what chastity fierce female, dirty!Love story: love, spoil a smile, touch her forehead: fool, we do not divorce!

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