Hongmeng mobile phone touch the tower scenic spot ticket function quickly into the park

Yixian holy land, Buddhist culture, to miyun Back garden to a healing trip.Hongmeng mobile phone touch a ticket, fast into the park.Yexian Pagoda lies on yeshan mountain in the north and is adjacent to chaobai Two rivers in the south. In front of the middle of the mountain, there are golden resleeping Buddha, Ten Thousand Buddha Hall, Puzhao Temple, Yexian Pagoda and other scenic spots. Taking the cable car in the sky to see the scenery is also quite interesting!The tower scenic area in The Miyun district tanyingxiang, miyun central city 2000 meters northeast, the bus miyun 6 road direct, self-drive parking is also convenient, is the closest from the city of scenic spots, beautiful scenery, superior natural conditions, can be called miyun city back garden.It lies two kilometers northeast of Miyun City, with Yishan mountain to the north and Chaobai River to the south.Scenic area covers an area of 1950 mu, part of the tower covers an area of 1600 mu.1. Yexian Pagoda scenic spot Hongmeng Atomization service Yexian Pagoda was built in the eighth year of Liao Chongxi, in front of puzhao Temple;Ming Jiajing Shu temple destroyed by fire, re-modified Puji Temple, the building of the Buddhist temple of the column;Qing Guangxu 15 years after the tower was struck by lightning to repair.Yexian tower, the plane was octagonal, two layers of the tower body each an arch door, the doorway faces south, the tower is a brick imitation door structure.According to legend, monk Ji Xiao Tang in this practice, night light reflected from the tower.Miyun has eight sceneries: yeta fairy lamp, holy water singing qin, sandalwood qingguang, green dongxiao color, Xiafeng scattered color, marsh Cheng Xiang, five peaks flying, back to the sun, yeta fairy lamp is one of them.Iron ore in yeshan is very good, there are mining caves dug on the mountain, the water in the caves is inexhaustible.Pass smelt fairy dweller, the religion that mining creates worship it is “smelt fairy”, miyun symbol and symbol.2. In cooperation with Huawei, the service center will be used as the operation position of the scenic spot, providing new ways of service combination and tools and means of private flow operation to help the scenic spot improve user activity and better retain users.With the continuous expansion of hongmeng tourism ecological team, there will be more abundant innovation scenes and more new business models in the future.Scenic area inside the front of the golden reclining Buddha, Ten thousand Buddha Hall, Puzhao Temple, Ye Xian pagoda and so on scenic spots, the peak of the Ye Xian pagoda was built in the Liao Dynasty, is one of the eight outside miyun.In front of the tower, the quiet and tranquil courtyard is puzhao Temple.Puzhao Temple is the 12th key religious activity site in Beijing, is the main scenic spot.The temple has a long history and is well maintained and protected. There is no sign of decay. The ancient temple buildings, decorated with pine and cypress plants, are clean and tidy.If autumn comes, ginkgo planted in the temple, with bright yellow temple walls, red hall and eaves, reflect the color is particularly dazzling, the autumn color interpretation incisively and vividly, just like walking into the painting.Want to go to pear ditch to take the pulley, but see the long queue, back away, then to the tower of metallurgy, all arrangements for everyone!It was amazing to make a series of sharp turns in the middle of the hill along the long ramp, relying on the inertia and propulsion of the downhill.3. The atomization service of Hongmeng Atomization of Yexianta Scenic Spot, jointly developed by Xiaomudman and Huawei, provides tourists with intelligent recommendation of play items and one-stop solution of ticket purchase and verification.At the same time, a variety of marketing activities can be realized based on the SAAS system of small clay figures to help promote the scenic spot.

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