Fully functional saloon car

The car introduced today is a fully functional model, as a family trip to use it is absolutely qualified.● Appearance it is a chase V90 chassis transformation wei V590, his appearance of the body length of 5 meters 9, 2.1 meters wide, 2.7 meters high.Meet national 6 emissions, blue card C can drive.The color of the body is pasted black, and the rear body is shaped like a satellite, which is very cool.Outdoor kitchen equipment, pull diesel stove, seasoning bottles are also ready, 3 meters awning a pull, outdoor stool a place, very comfortable.● Power 2.0t diesel engine, matching is 6AT pure automatic transmission, full power, multi-functional steering wheel, intelligent central control large screen, ESP system, cruise control, reversing radar are there, driving up more secure.● Interior into the car, the first thing you see is a private sitting very warm reception area, and this table is also a hydraulic table, can be put together into a bed, leave friends to sleep without worrying about bed.Everywhere privacy curtain pulls, the door closes, very good privacy space has.The interior height of this car is also very good, as high as 1,980, so it seems to have a lot of space inside.In addition, the roof of the car cancelled the overhead air conditioning, and increased a large area of atmosphere lights, more bright and warm.● The kitchen function of the bar area is also very complete. There is an extension table here, and there is a washing basin. The high outlet can be rotated to the window, and it can also be convenient to use water outside the car.Down here are the electrical switches, down here are the Verbast boiler switches, you need warm air and hot water in winter, and down here are some lockers.Cancel the overhead air conditioning and increase the domestic air conditioning here, mute energy saving.Still have a big bar beside, put induction cooker here, electric rice cooker, perhaps coffee machine and so on a few other small home appliances also can, can develop freely according to your demand completely.Below you are equipped with a large refrigerator with a volume of 133L. There is a wardrobe at the back where you can hang your clothes. If that is not enough, there is a hanging cabinet above the rear sleeping area and storage space under the folding bed board.Rear large horizontal bed, the size of 1m8 x 1m2, easily sleep two people, with a child is not impossible.● The standard bathroom provides you with a separate shower, the whole space is sure to be enough.There is also a separate washbasin extension bar for toiletries.There are also lockers below.Sedford box rotary toilet, can be rotated at will.This car is equipped with 800 lithium battery, 3000 inverter, 150L clean water tank, 50L grey water tank, official guide price 36.8W.What else could you say no to?Wei Hang Rv, define a life!

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