Maqin County city management comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau “ten” party construction national security maintenance group to carry out fireworks safety special inspection work

In order to further strengthen the area of Maqin County Dawu town fireworks safety management, timely elimination of fireworks safety hazards, March 29, Maqin County city management comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau organized law enforcement personnel in the town fireworks sales points to carry out special law enforcement inspection work.Law enforcement officers in-depth township, fireworks sales points to carry out hidden trouble investigation work, mainly on fireworks varieties, quantity, purchase channels, production date, business license and other conditions for inspection.During the inspection process, law enforcement officers are required to implement the flow of fireworks and firecrackers registration system, so that each fireworks can be traced to the source, but also to track.Two is to strictly control the quality and safety of fireworks, to the warehouse products to screen, put an end to moisture, packaging damage, over the shelf life and other unqualified fireworks into the market.Three is in charge of the point of sale in accordance with the law at the same time, to be a good information, propagandist, actively take the initiative to do a good job of fireworks risks and safety hidden dangers self-check, and then improve safety awareness and responsibility awareness, prevent safety accidents.The next step, will continue to increase publicity and guidance and supervision and inspection efforts, solid promotion of fireworks and firecrackers safety special inspection work, resolutely put an end to work safety accidents caused by fireworks.

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