Old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine “eliminate tumour square”, I used for more than 30 years, can treat all kinds of fibroid cyst

Just saw a fan’s private letter, “I did a muscle tumor operation two years ago, this year and found out multiple muscle tumor and ovarian cyst, to the operation standard, do not want to continue to excise?”I am very glad that my fans can trust me and ask me questions. As a veteran of gynecological clinic for more than 40 years, my suggestion is no excision.Now too many women saw a few centimeters of cyst in the uterus, fibroids panic, heard the doctor said to cut, rushed to do surgery, but did not think about why their uterine fibroids, cysts.Above all we will understand next first “uterine flesh tumour and ovarian cyst” what is?Both are common benign neoplasms of the female reproductive organs. Although their pathologic and clinical manifestations differ by lump, they both fall under the category of “symptoms”.Uterine fibroids, also known as uterine leiomyoma, patients often can appear menorrhagia, menstrual cycle extension or shortening, wet, anemia, pain and other clinical manifestations.Ovarian cysts generally have no clinical manifestations, but when the pedicle of the cyst is twisted or the cyst ruptures, the symptoms of acute abdomen can occur.So, why not recommend surgical removal?At the end of the day, fibroids and ovarian cysts are just a warning sign from your body.Because problem of department of gynaecology, no matter be uterine flesh tumour, still be ovarian cyst, say simply a bit more popular, blocked namely, the body can appear a problem naturally.The solution to it should be internal adjustment, regulating qi, regulating chang qi;Invigorate blood stasis, dredge milk collaterals;Dissolve phlegm soft firm, detumescence disperses knot, rather than one size fits all.I would like to share with you a simple recipe that I have used to cure thousands of patients with fibroids and cysts.Internal prescription: Angelica, Poria cocos, Radix paeoniae herb, Tricolor, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Wang Zuoxing, Zedoary turmeric, Fructus aurantii, Black medicine, Thunberg fritillary bulb, coix seed, Sichuan achyranthes, Bupleurum, yujin, etc.;One dose per day, decocted in water, divided into two times in the morning and evening.Medicine composition of external application prescription: Angelica, paeony medicine, salvia miltiorrhiza, suberect spatholobi, safflower, etc., grinding and mixing with vinegar and water, paste it on the abdomen, do not paste it during menstruation.My patient Ms. Sun is in the same situation as the fans of the background private letter, both of which are multiple fibroids accompanied by cysts. Ms. Sun has heavy menstrual volume, brown blood clots, white sticky band, stool once every three or four days, fat tongue, white and greasy tongue coating.After six months of conditioning, multiple fibroids and 3cm cysts were eliminated.In the oral prescription, radix paeoniae root medicine sanjie;Salvia miltiorrhiza cools blood and removes blood stasis;Triangulation and removal of blood stasis;Wang does not stay line, line qi tongluo;Tuckahoe invigorates the spleen and oozes moisture.The formula has the effect of removing blood stasis and dispersing knot, tong Yang and changing qi and benefiting water.At the same time with external application, so that the medicine directly to the disease, strengthen the conditioning of qi and blood, removing stasis and dispersing the effect.The treatment of internal and external application of Traditional Chinese medicine can comprehensively regulate the function of each organ, regulate endocrine, clear the stasis in the body, and has definite curative effect. It can obviously improve the clinical symptoms of patients and prevent the recurrence of fibroids.Of course, light on this formula, is not good, need to combine the specific situation of the patient, on the basis of this formula for addition and subtraction, Chinese medicine treatment pay attention to dialectical treatment, not a formula copy, need according to the patient with the disease with addition and subtraction, can play a very good curative effect!

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