Pig prices in cold “5 consecutive drop”, the market close to “low”, farmers: pig prices up?

Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, affected by holiday factors, during the Spring Festival, the pig price is weak and strong!However, after the market bad cluster, under “your I”, after “5 notches” prices in the cold, because before the Spring Festival, prices have dipped below 14 yuan/kg, therefore, in this round of prices after continuous downward, domestic pigs also constantly refresh episodes of low prices, we have learned, on February 12, the pig price is only 12.27 yuan/kg,Pig price from the beginning of October 10.53 yuan/kg of the previous low, only 1.74 yuan/kg price difference, however, in the last 5 days, pig prices showed a significant decline in performance, the average cumulative decline of pigs to market up to 1.46 yuan, pig price compared with February 7, down 10.65%!Pig prices fell substantially, the market is still hard to escape “every festival will fall” curse!In domestic market, on any account area pig price falls jointly!Among them, the northern part of the market at a lower price, prices bottomed out 5 yuan/kg, for example, xinjiang dip to 10.5 yuan/kg, and in the northeast region, prices generally remain at 11.5 ~ 11.6 yuan/kg, however, because of the depressed prices too, low-cost market also contributed to the mood of the farmers is price, heilongjiang and jilin northeast market turmoil stronger!And in the southern market, pig prices generally maintained at 11.25~13.4 yuan/kg, pig prices fell below 7 yuan/catty, only Hainan horizontal plate high!Among them, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Fujian average price fell to 13.05~13.4 yuan/kg, Sichuan, Chongqing and Shandong, Anhui and other most areas, pig price horizontal plate “12 yuan era”!Prices of slaughterers in Henan, Hubei and Guizhou have fallen below 12 YUAN/kg.The domestic pig market encounters cold, the market approaches before low!And the market pig grain ratio is also depressed, before February 8, the official issued a second warning pig price news, will also depend on the situation of timely pork storage!However, in recent days, with the decline of pig prices, at this stage, the domestic pig grain ratio has been generally less than 5:1, affected by this factor, after Sichuan and Hubei, ningxia region pig grain ratio fell below 5:1, also began to carry out pork storage plan!This round of pig prices down, on the one hand, after the festival consumer market is too depressed!According to institutional research, from the mainstream consumer cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu province, the wholesale market performance of the white pig trade, after the Holiday market, compared with the Spring Festival before the scale of the white pig, the decline of up to 50%, the market oversupply of pork outstanding performance, part of the market surplus increased, the price also declined significantly, among which,Beijing Xinfadi white pig transaction price compared to the festival before the decline of nearly 2 yuan /kg!The national average wholesale price of pork fell to 20.95 yuan per kilogram as of Thursday, down 1.43 yuan in recent days from 22.38 yuan a year later.The average price of white pigs of domestic fixed-point slaughtering enterprises also fell to 16.18 yuan/kg, compared with 19.55 yuan/kg on February 4, the average price of white pigs dropped as much as 3.37 yuan/kg, down as high as 17.23%!After the Spring Festival, the market stock of pork is still not used up, and slaughterers started, pork supply increased again!However, due to the decline in the demand of ordinary residents after the New Year, the catering industry is weak boosted by the “mask problem”, and students have not yet started school, so the consumer market is indifferent, which aggravates the decline of pig prices!On the other hand, the supply of pigs is more abundant!After the Spring Festival, domestic collectivization pigs are opened in succession, speed up the pace of live pig market, affected by the prices downward, farmers spread panic mentality, market market concentration, slaughtering enterprises procurement lack of difficulty, and pig and white pig producer price difference is only 3.91 yuan/kg, the price is too low, also contributed to the tu, of the loss of so slaughtering enterprises demand a more performance,This also let the pig price appeared to fall sharply performance!February 12, pig prices in cold “5 consecutive drops”, the market has been close to low!However, in the short term, pig prices fell sharply, market sentiment again high!Among them, northeast and Inner Mongolia market, pig prices less than “6 head”, farmers out of the market mood decline, and pork storage also boosted the confidence of farmers, at present, pig losses reached the first 400 yuan, with the Lantern Festival, students back to school and pork storage and other factors, pig prices or have a certain boost!However, from the domestic pig supply fundamentals, even if pork storage is difficult to change the pattern of market supply and demand, pig prices are supported at the bottom, but the weak trend or will continue to ferment!Therefore, based on the above analysis, the individual thinks, although prices falling sharply in the short term, however, farmers expect prices fall rally of basic is insufficient, the market supply and demand of easing restrictions, though, prices or bottoming performance in the short term, however, the market is advancing, the risk of long-term prices are still continue to callback.Pig prices in cold “5 consecutive drop”, the market close to “low”, farmers: pig prices up?What do you think about that?Above is the author’s personal point of view, know more pig price information, remember to pay attention to yo!

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