Columbia University is the most sleep-deprived college in the United States

You must have been flooded by various university lists recently, but there is one other thing that is very important to study abroad party besides the ranking, admission rate, geographical location, and so on, and that is: how much sleep you get after entering the university.One post on Zhihu, with 2 million views, asked: “Do the Top 30 US university students Really get little sleep?”Numerous studies have shown that good sleep improves learning, memory, creativity and problem solving.Despite this, American college students suffer from sleep deprivation, with many not getting the 7-8 hours they need.Here’s a look at the TOP10 most sleep-deprived colleges in the us.Those who can’t stay up late must have a good look![No. 10 Carnegie Mellon University]Carnegie Mellon University Rankings: #25 Average number of students sleeping: 6.78h Average number of bedtimes: 1:13am Average wake-up time:AmCMU courses are difficult and the academic pressure is huge. CMU students prefer to sleep late. Many students go to the library to work at noon and leave at 3-4 in the morning.[No. 9 University of Buffalo — SUNYUSNEWS Ranking: #97 Average sleep duration: 6.76h Average bedtime :12:54am Average wake up time: 8:22amThe names of us presidents, astronauts, Nobel Prize winners and even Baidu CEO Robin Li are on the list.The average sleep time is 6.76 hours…Pain and happiness.[No. 8 Purdue University News Ranking: #57 Average number of hours of sleep: 6.76h Average number of bedtimes :12:52am Average time to wake up:8:19am light see the name already very Buddha department, purdue small partners said: when sleep can, with fate……The university is home to one of the nation’s most prestigious schools of engineering and medicine.No.7 Lehigh University Ranking: #50 Average sleep duration: 6.75h Average bedtime :12:47am Average wake up time: 8:15am I heard you like the beautiful scenery of Lehigh University?Take a walk around the Caspian Sea and you’ll find……People are studying everywhere.Do you want to get enough sleep amid rigorous academic demands and an atmosphere?[No. 6 University of California, Davis]UC DavisUSNEWS Rank: #39 Average amount of sleep for students: 6.75h Average amount of bedtime :12:42am Average amount of wake up time:8:08AM Like all California universities, UCD is a Quarter system, so it’s impossible to slow down.But UCD still tries to offer interesting courses, such as: driving an excavator, making wine, growing mushrooms…But all this still leaves UCD students with only 6.75 hours of sleep.The university of California, Irvine (UCI) ranks no. 5 on the list with 6.73 hours of sleep.This school is not only a good place for Internet celebrities. They want to transfer their major to a famous business major with a gpa of 3.7. It is impossible to survive without a high liver……4 University of Pennsylvania Ranking: #6 Average length of sleep: 6.72h Average length of bedtime: 1:22am Average time to wake up:8:43AM Penn Is really a place where the god fights. When I am busy, I can catch up on 3 or 4 due every week, and then I can read 3-400 pages of reading. I really learn to have no desire and no desire.[nO. 3 Case Western Reserve University] #40 Average student sleep duration: 6.71h Average bedtime :12:44am Average wake up time:8:03AM Case Western Reserve is a paragon of engineering and science. How do you think the academic atmosphere here comes from?That’s all for the hair and the hairline…Average student sleep duration: 6.69h Average bedtime: 1:09am Average wake time: 8:28am Average Notre Dame student sleep duration is anything but Notre Dame.The university has long been known for its rigorous style of study, with heavy assignments in most cases.Will you find yourself surrounded by people who genuinely love to study and sleep?It doesn’t exist.#5 Average sleep duration: 6.68h Average bedtime: 1:26am Average wake time: 8:49am Congratulations to Columbia university for winning this year!As the famous ivy school desperately three lang, elder brother’s junior partner is really “Wolf out”.Three or four hours of class and eight hours of homework are no joke.If you happen to have a big brother’s friend, would you please cherish TA ~ of course, all the people in the list does not represent the school and decided to sleep long, after all, not only the school course requirements, but also some other factors, such as beer and skittles, play games, brush series and so on, but we can still see the school’s academic atmosphere and sleep habits.Although study is important, sleep is also indispensable.We must put an end to procrastination, improve learning efficiency, on the basis of ensuring the progress of learning, as far as possible to have enough sleep ~

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