Daishan is hot!In the Spring of the Year of the Tiger, the traffic flow of Zhoudai Bridge exceeds 20,000 on a single day!

Tiger Spring Festival, zhoudai bridge after the opening of the first Spring Festival, daishan tourism popularity is very prosperous, ushered in a large traffic flow.Data from zhoushan high speed traffic police, on February 4th, the traffic flow in and out of Daishan island exceeded 22,000 cars per day, and on February 5th, dingdai high speed was nearly 25,000 cars per day (daixiang about 11,000 cars per day, Ningxiang about 13,000 cars per day).It’s a new high.(Correspondent Ren Xupin) In the circle of friends, daishan travel is a hot news.From zhoudai Bridge down the car, there are two main destinations: one is the ancient town of Dongsha;The second is the Dacey double wall.Daxi Double stone wall, is a very distinctive scenic spot, just at the exit of Zhoudai Bridge.People climb rocks and enjoy the view of the sea.In shuanghe Shibi, there are also tourist participation projects to increase the fun.(reporter Chen Yongjian photograph) Daishan island north of the “high double line”, once appeared the phenomenon of traffic jam.Around dongsha ancient town, vehicles queue up slowly.Tourists come to the ancient town and pounced on two targets: crabapple cake;The second is sea stone flower.The street stalls are doing brisk business.The reporter noticed that the local epidemic prevention and control measures have been implemented. When entering the tourist area of the ancient town, tourists must check their health code, scan their travel code and remind them to wear masks before entering the scenic area.In response to the large number of tourists, Dongsha ancient Town has sent more personnel to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, and all the entrances of scenic spots have to check the temperature and light up the code.(reporter Shen Lei photo) Tiger Spring Festival dai Mountain tourism so popular, according to the analysis, one is because of the impact of the epidemic, Zhoushan people focus on “local travel”, high-speed toll-free, along the Zhoudai bridge all the way over;The second day is the fourth day of the fifth day of the weather is fine, suitable for a short trip.The reason why Dongsha ancient Town is so popular is inseparable from the long-term cultivation of tourism market by local government departments. After the opening of Zhoudai Bridge, it quickly became popular.

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