Double ghosts knock on the door!Lakers two big cancer bury the game, do not send away no championship possibility

The Lakers continued their eastern conference road trip today, heading to Philadelphia for a 105-87 loss to the 76ers, who played without lebron James because of knee soreness.But this game exposed two of the lakers’ biggest poisons, westbrook and Tucker jr., whose presence killed the game. Their presence not only didn’t help the team, but also seriously hindered the team, and they must be removed if the lakers are to win a championship in the future.The game is heavy eyebrows to return to after game 2, in the face of the grace of the 76 people’s recent hot than Germany, Davis on both ends are completely suppressed the boon than Germany, only the first half heavy eyebrows just 10 of 13 shots scored 23 points, the second half, the two single well than in Germany, heavy eyebrows to grace than DE on big hat, ruled the area, in the end,Davis finished with 31 points, 12 rebounds and four blocks in arguably his best individual performance of the season.But let your thick eyebrow how strong, also can’t set up lakers two big cancer of double ghost patted door ah!For those of you who haven’t seen the game, westbrook made 9 of 15 shots and scored 20 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists.That is what you don’t know the content, less 13 points is the team in the second half of 20 points behind a dozen points, then there is no effect for winning or losing, the game less real performance level is a disaster, attack, as the team’s point guard, completely free from the team system, did not have the effect of carding on offense, and extremely team space,They totally cut him down, put him down three meters, and made everyone else miserable. Plus, Westbrook made six more turnovers today, one of those mindless live ball turnovers that the Sixers hit straight back.Defensively, Westbrook missed the ball at least four times.Say little small tucker, I really don’t understand the lakers so much why, he took the fourth high salary and scourge team, the lakers gave him half a season to grow, and today is not only no progress but regress, shooting have no spectrum, also dare not empty today at the three-point line, even lost confidence, prides itself on the basket before also ineffective,Is it because of Westbrook?Defense is extremely poor, no sense of defense, just no brain, really a waste of his defensive talent.The lakers had a net minus 23 points in just 17 minutes. I wonder how he did it. Some say the lakers are sticking with tucker to get him to make a good trade, but the more he plays, the less value he has, the more likely he is to fail.Less and tuck in possession of the lakers’ salary cap space more than 50 million, but with so much money, but do the damage team, complete the poison of the contract, really not line, get on draft picks with theo and change less, then think of some way to tuck is sold, this is the only feasible way, the lakers now James peak is two years, most the lakers really can’t afford to lose.Creation is not easy, if you like, please point attention!

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