“Gu Shao’s exclusive wife” to save love let pregnant wife prison, but to and from the book

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What do you like to do when you are idle and bored?Xiaobian I like to see all kinds of novels, a good novel, can bring different feelings to readers, so that people feel different world, and the story of the hero to explore the wonderful world.Today I recommend to you both good and addictive novels!Today’s strong push the gu less exclusive wife take the rap for pregnant wife save affection to prison, such as to and from the book first: “gu less exclusive wife” main content: “gu less exclusive wife” the rap for pregnant wife save affection to prison, but to and from the book highlights such as: Japan as the President of the student union, and combined with the well-known identity:The son of the secretary to the mayor of X City, used to being fawned over, always felt superior and everyone had to do what he told him to do.So, Su Zhi smoke and gu Xinxi’s reaction made him very unhappy, but still behaved like a gentle jade, way: “I am the president of the student Union Li Yi, two girls after what things can come to the student union to find me, I will try my best to help you…””Got it, president, we’re not deaf!”Gu Xinxi impatiently interrupted;Hear gu Xin xi’s words, Su Zhi smoke not kind to laugh out of the sound.This laugh as if amazing time, laugh into Gu Zhennan’s heart.This is nearly a month, Gu Zhennan saw su Zhi smoke smile for the first time, he felt her smile is very bright, and her cold temperament does not conflict, and he found su Zhi smoke smile, eyes shining like stars of light.In fact, Su Zhi smoke and gu Xin xi usually the most annoying is this kind of dog power, a little power feel very great.So they pretended not to hear Li yi’s first introduction.Around the people heard gu Xinxi’s words, are holding a smile: how did you the chairman of the student union, people don’t care at all ah.Besides somebody else girl just want to ask where your dormitory is, didn’t let you do self introduction!Li Yi looked at the people around him laughing at him. He could not pretend to be as soft as jade any longer, and his face changed rapidly between green and red.Seeing Li Yi is going to be mad, in order not to let their little sister and future daughter-in-law in the first day of school is famous, Gu Zhennan just stepped forward to stop, asked other welcome personnel: “please check gu Xinxi and Su Zhi smoke dormitory allocation, thank you.”Gu Zhennan this sound, all around the talent from just the “farce” out, the other newcomers are no longer watching, began to put into work, “Gu Xinxi and Su Zhi smoke live in beiyuan student apartment 307, is the same dormitory, Gu Xinxi is no. 3 bed, Su Zhi smoke is no. 4 bed.One of our staff can take you there.”(click below online free reading) The second book: “The Real Wife” highlights: At this time, the moonlight draws back, a shadow of light feet close, seeing to close to the door, but carefully back.Then, the figure kept moving forward, backward, forward, backward in the doorway.It was not until a loud rebuke that the figure, with determination, leaned close to the casket and, with trembling hands, took a pipe from his sleeve. It pierced the thin window paper and sent up hypnotic wisps of smoke.There were several shrill crow sounds in the sky, like a death call from hell, and the pipe suddenly fell.”Pick up what’s fallen and go.””Said a calm voice in the darkness.The yard, as if no one had ever been here.Tang Linger sleep more heavy, like to sleep so long as the universe!”What’s the matter?Nangong Mo looked at Jin Xuan who suddenly stopped his horse’s hoof.”Nothing.”Jin Xuan turned his horse around and galloped back, ignoring Nangong’s cries.Nangong Mo looked at him incredulously and rode away. After a glance with Dongguo, she ran after him with her whip.The three men rode their horses on the official road.(click below online free reading) the third: “exclusive sweet wife” highlights: Li Nan Yan “oh” a laugh, if have if have no eyes fall on Lin shallow body.”It’s getting late, so I’ll take my leave.”Li Nanyan put down his teacup and said, seeing Lin with a look of relief and a curved mouth, “Please miss Lin to see me off.”Linzhensheng immediately smile, urged: “shallow, quick to send li total.”Lin shallow secretly bite teeth, this man is absolutely intentional!In Lin Zhensheng and Qin Shuyuan eager eyes, Lin Shallow reluctantly with Li Nan yan out of the door behind.A cool breeze and the sound of insects in the grass in the garden added to the silence of the night.”Mr. Li, that day is just a misunderstanding, I hope you don’t disturb my life.”Lin Shallow suddenly open a way, “also don’t cause my family misunderstanding.”His deliberate interest in her at the Lins would cause her a great deal of unnecessary trouble.Li Nan Yan suddenly turned back, followed behind Lin shallow too late to brake footsteps, nose hit his chest, a sour pain rushed to the eyes, tears began to spin in the eyes.(Click below to read online for free) “Gu Shao’s Exclusive concubine” to save love let pregnant concubine prison to take the blame, but wait and leave the book today’s recommendation here, we have what small make up to say?Leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this article, and you can see it. 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