Guangdong Science Center welcomed nearly 80,000 visitors during the Spring Festival holiday

During the Spring Festival holiday this year, Guangdong Science Center prepared abundant science popularization feast for the public. It introduced the large-scale international science popularization tour exhibition “Artificial Intelligence: Into Boundless Wisdom”, and screened several popular science movies such as “Wild Africa”, “Ancient Sea Animals” and “Thunder of the Moon”, attracting many families to visit the science center.According to statistics, the exhibition hall and cinema of the Science Center received nearly 80,000 visitors from the second to the sixth day of the New Year, making popular science Tours a popular choice for citizens during the Spring Festival holiday.More than 100 immersive exhibits and art installations captivate visitors at the Science Center’s “Artificial Intelligence: Intelligence without Boundaries.”The exhibition brings together the works of artists, scientists and researchers from around the world to explore the creative and scientific development of ARTIFICIAL intelligence and explore the evolution of the relationship between humans and technology.Among them, the robot dog AIBO attracts many children. It not only has the sense of technology of robot, but also has the characteristics of lively family members of pet dogs. It can sit down, wag tail, roll and other actions according to the command, guiding the audience to walk out of the difficult definition and algorithm, and discover the interesting side of artificial intelligence.A number of new popular science films are also popular at the Science Center’s Science Theater.The big-screen film Wild Africa takes viewers across Africa to discover the amazing secrets behind its wildlife and geological wonders.The virtual voyage thrill film “Thunder of the Moon” takes viewers on an in-depth journey as astronauts escape from a collapsed lunar base.The four-dimensional film “Palaeozoic Sea Animals” takes viewers back to the ancient era, about 570 million to 230 million years ago, to see many unheard-of and even unimaginable Marine creatures.This Spring Festival vacation encounter cold, damp, cool weather, safe and orderly visit to ensure that the audiences, spent a happy and peaceful New Year, the center for science in the strict implementation of “limited, booking, wrong peak” measures, on the basis of efforts to do a good job of disease prevention and control of safety and also add more convenient and consulting service sites, all with “warm ginger tea” and “the guidance of” enthusiasm,To provide warm, warm and comfortable service for visitors to the museum.Staff Enthusiastic Service Staff Enthusiastic Service Volunteers Enthusiastic guide the convenience service point to provide ginger tea to ward off the cold

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