Peasant poet Wei Yong’s Ode to Chickens is popular again: he has stopped writing poems and spends his days playing around the village

Chicken, chicken, chicken, beak to the sky.Night call bright moon, five drum call dawn.Peasant poet Wei Yong’s 18-character ode to Chickens, written many years ago, has recently become a hit on the Internet, with many talented netizens following up with poems such as Ode to Cows, Ode to Pigs, Ode to 猹 and Ode to ducks.Cattle, cattle, cattle, life is bitter without pay.Courageously ploughing years, bow pack spring and autumn;”A Psalm of Pigs” Pigs, pigs, pigs, born afraid of butchers.If you want to live longer, don’t put on weight…Netizens also found that the song, modeled after The ode to Geese written by Luo Bin Wang, also won the second Xiangyin County, Hunan Province, “Farmers literature award”, won ten thousand yuan.Can anyone who can read write poetry?Can a copy of a previous poem win a prize?For a time, doubt wei Yong’s voice ceaseless.Wei yong, who lives in Helonghu township, Xiangyin County, Hunan Province, was unfaunted by the criticism. “I don’t do farm work anymore. I go sightseeing in the surrounding area every day,” he said.He lived the life of a perfect man in paradise.On whether he knows how to write poetry, he said, “I have some classical writing skills.Now in his 70s, Wei Yong has stopped writing poems. After retirement, he is still in good health. He likes to go to the village every day, climb mountains, enjoy flowers and watch water.He doesn’t care that some people on the Internet have taken out the song “Ode to Chickens” and said he plagiarized it. “I wrote this poem based on luo Bin Wang’s writing” Ode to Geese “when he was young.I wanted to reflect rural life with chickens, ducks and geese.”Wei told Red Star news that he was orphaned at an early age due to the early death of his parents. Although he only attended the fourth grade in a village primary school, he was interested in everything related to culture. “No one taught me to read too many words, so I learned by myself.My favorite is poetry, “Three hundred Tang Poems”, “Romance of The Three Kingdoms”, “Water Margin” and so ON I have read.”He said that in the countryside at that time, there was little entertainment and there was no TV to watch, so he would read a book by himself while other children of his age played.It is understood that Wei yong loved writing when he was young and would send his works to newspapers and magazines whenever he was free.Wei yong considers himself a farmer and loves literature, so his poems are all about the countryside.On weekdays, he rides his bike in the village looking for inspiration and writes it down when it strikes him.Wei yong’s village used to be a fishing village.He once wrote in a poem called “Fishing Village” : “Extremely flat lake charm credit, macro open mirror shine on the horizon.Whitebait chew the grass on the green bank, butterflies tinge red clouds on the bottom.”Old people in the village often ask Wei Yong to compose a poem for their birthday.”The stars do flat peach moon do cakes, jiang sang with the sea for the cup.Pan Cheng two old men are distinguished, nine rank double mofa big day.”This is a poem written by Wei Yong for the birthday banquet of his fellow villagers.Red Star news reporter Zeng Qi intern reporter Zhang Renjie editor Li Jie (download red star news, the news has a prize!

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