109,900 for a “hulled” Mazda CX-4?Is this a cheap car or a scam?

From 126,500 units sold in 2017 to 77,900 units sold in 2020, faW Mazda, which suffered serious financial losses due to its declining sales volume, was finally merged into Changan Mazda in August 2021.In the follow-up, Atz will be permanently discontinued, and the CX-4 will be replaced by the Pentium standard and merged into FAW Pentium Network sales.Now, after more than half a year, CX-4 also ushered in a rebirth. After some hardships, Pentium FAW Pentium brand new compact SUV — B70S officially launched, the new car launched 7 models, the price range is 10.99-142,900 yuan.As a new car built from CX-4 technology, is pentium B70S “domestic CX-4”?The design is completely different from the CX-4 exterior parts, the Pentium B70S is not the same as the Mazda CX-4.The new car adopts the design named “the sexy surface of light and shadow philosophy”. The front intake grille adopts the penetrating design and integrates with the large light group on both sides. The LED daytime running light with unique shape is combined with the trapezoidal radiator opening with large size under the front enclosure to further increase the sense of sport.On the side of the body, the new car still adopts the cX-4 similar sedan CAR SUV shape, which is very low and smooth on the whole. The rear view mirror shell, door frame, side skirt, wheel eyebrow, roof luggage rack and other places are also painted in black.The rear part of the car, the new car uses the current popular through the taillight group design, the top is also matched with a small spoiler, surrounded by a diffuser decoration, the exhaust part is a total of two bilateral exhaust layout.In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4555mm/1850mm/1515mm, the wheelbase is 2750mm, and the ground clearance reaches 180mm, which ensures the low center of gravity and certain passing performance.In the interior, The Pentium B70S also adopts the Pentium family design, with a large area of plastic lining soft material and leather wrapping for the central console.The new car central control adopts three LCD screens, in addition to the full LCD screen and the central control screen, the air conditioning control system also uses the touch design, plus the electronic handle, the overall has a good sense of science and technology.The overall configuration of Pentium B70S is not low. The sub-low model has tire pressure alarm, front and rear parking radar, reversing image, cruise control, Autohold automatic parking, keyless start, front seat heating, electric rear door and other practical configurations.Use cX-4 three big pieces?The biggest highlight and slot of pentium B70S is undoubtedly its “cX-4” identity. Of course, from the appearance and interior, the new car and Mazda CX-4 can not be said to have nothing to do with, but nothing to do with.Therefore, the focus of attention also comes to three major parts.For the engine part, the Pentium B70S carries two powertrains, including a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 124 kW (169 HP) and a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with a maximum torque of 258 N · m and a maximum power of 165 kW (224 HP) and a maximum torque of 340 N · m.These two engines are not Mazda Enchi Blue Sky engines, but faW’s independent development of the engine, the current Pentium T77, Pentium T99 are equipped with the same engine.The 2.0-ton engine in the lighter CX-4 also gives it more power than the CX-4 has ever had.Also unrelated to Mazda is the gearbox, where the 1.5T version matches the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, while the 2.0t version matches the Aishin 6-gear hand self-integrated gearbox, which is also a rare similarity to the CX-4.In terms of chassis, it was also the only place that pentium B70S used CX-4 technology. It adopted the same pre-McPherson and post-multi-link suspension structure as CX-4, and the chassis architecture of the two was basically the same from the point of view of structure.But that doesn’t mean the two cars will drive the same, and the Pentium engineers doubt whether they can calibrate Mazda’s chassis.The cX-4 has little in common with the Pentium B70S in terms of three major components, except for the 6AT transmission, which is the same chassis suspension.However, whether to learn from Mazda’s tuning part, has yet to test drive experience.In terms of market, as a coupe SUV, the main competitors of Pentium B70S are Changan Uni-V, Hav H6S, LYNk 02, MG ONE and other models.The Main advantages of the Pentium B70S were a longer wheelbase and the same chassis construction as the CX-4, but the Pentium B70S did not exhibit any other distinctive capabilities.From the disadvantage point of view, Pentium B70S is far away from first-tier brands such as Changan, Haf and LYNk in terms of brand. In the whole year of 2021, THE annual sales volume of FAW Pentium is only 57,773 units, and the best-selling model comes from online car hailing.Its main models such as Pentium T77, Pentium T55 and Pentium B70 are not selling well.In addition, FAW’s past models have also used Mazda’s technology, such as The Pentium B70 using Mazda Rui Wing’s chassis suspension technology, and the Pentium B90 flagship model is based on the second-generation Mazda 6 Rui Wing platform.But both models failed to live up to expectations in terms of sales, proving that Mazda technology is not the only way to sell.Therefore, da Predicted that although Pentium B70 showed good sincerity in price, but there were too many strong competitors in the price range of 100,000-150,000 yuan for the independent brand, and FAW Pentium was not appreciated in brand influence, quality control and other aspects, the sales of Pentium B70S in the future would hardly improve too much.Overall, it would be a stretch to say that the Pentium B70S was a “retrofitted CX-4”. On the one hand, the interior and exterior design of the two cars were completely different. On the other hand, the product power of the Pentium B70S was significantly less than that of the CX-4 without the tronix technology.But at a price of more than 100,000, Pentium B70S still has a certain advantage in terms of cost performance.

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