Changsha “returnees town” is full of sincerity

Sun Yahui, reporter of People’s Daily Overseas Edition recently, The General Office of the People’s Government of Changsha, Hunan province issued “Changsha support” intelligent manufacturing “several policies for the construction of returnees town” (hereinafter referred to as the “policy”), in order to promote the construction of returnees town (Changsha · intelligent manufacturing) press the “fast forward button”.The maximum reward for newly settled enterprises is 20 million RMB. The policy includes eight reward and support policies in terms of enterprise settlement reward, enterprise operation reward, talent introduction reward, innovation research and development reward, financial and intellectual property protection, work and life guarantee, living environment guarantee and children’s education.Among them, the rewards for enterprises to enter include: overseas talents newly founded enterprises to lease and purchase production and operation sites, respectively, with a maximum of rmb900,000 lease subsidy and RMB1 million purchase subsidy.New enterprises founded by overseas talents will be given up to 10 million RMB project support funds according to their actual investment.Overseas talents with significant technological inventions and innovation achievements who establish enterprises in overseas towns and obtain explicit support at or above the municipal level will be given a maximum support fund of RMB 5 million, 20% of the actual capital in place of the registered capital of the enterprises.According to the enterprise operation reward policy, the enterprises newly settled in the small town of overseas returnees can get up to 20 million yuan reward according to the operation situation.The project team of high-end leading scientific and technological talents can be awarded up to 10 million yuan. The talent award policy includes: the newly introduced overseas talents can be subsidized up to 100,000 yuan for renting a house and 60,000 yuan for buying a house.For newly introduced high-level talents and high-level talents in urgent need, full house purchase subsidy shall be provided at the standard of no more than 200 square meters, and the subsidy amount shall be no more than 2 million yuan.After evaluation, we will give a maximum reward of RMB 2 million to the enterprises that introduce high-level talents to solve core technical problems and bring great economic benefits and are in urgent need of high-level talents.For the incubator base and offshore base overseas workstations established by overseas small-town enterprises, the maximum support fund of 150,000 yuan and transportation subsidy of 100,000 yuan for core members will be given annually according to the scale of development and the effect of talent introduction.The project team will be given a maximum reward of RMB 10 million for the “team + project” of the newly introduced high-end leading scientific and technological talents in the town.In terms of working and living security, overseas talents, their spouses and minor children can participate in various social insurance and enjoy corresponding social security treatment according to relevant policies.Overseas talents, their spouses and minor children who are unable to participate in social insurance due to their nationality, age or other reasons can be subsidized at 50% of the actual cost of commercial insurance, with the maximum amount of subsidy not exceeding 50,000 yuan per person per year.In addition, the policy encourages the establishment of innovative R&D bases in the towns of overseas returnees.Innovation RESEARCH and development bases with a construction scale of more than 5,000 square meters that effectively undertake the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of universities and research institutes will be rewarded in terms of base operation, incubation, industrialization and benefits, with the maximum reward amount not exceeding 1.5 million yuan.For the projects newly listed in the catalogue of provincial or municipal key technology research or the key technology Research of Yuelu Mountain University Science and Technology City, and landed in the overseas returnees town, 40% of the financial funds will be provided, with the maximum accumulative total of a single project not exceeding RMB 5 million.

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