Go casual with a gray Tee shirt and blue denim jacket with a mahogany heel over the knee boot

Fashionable belle, to tie-in, they are having own idea, arrived spring, how should tie-in, fashionable belle can give different answer, which belle does not hope his collocation is very delicate?But in life, we see simple fashion beauty dress, and imagination is not the same, so do not simply think that dress is very simple, if it is very simple, fashion streets should be full of exquisite beauty, why did not see it in life?Will match the beauty, still not as many as you think, and the dress is not so simple.A lot of people see other people’s collocation, feel very simple, sometimes will feel that they wear such a dress, better than her, but why don’t you wear it?You didn’t choose to wear it later, so where did your confidence come from?First look at their own clothes, there are many people in life, they always feel that they can do everything, but when the work to her, but do not know how to do, comment on a person is very simple, but really go to do it yourself, you will find it difficult.The choice of the beauty of spring wear build, is not very complex, a pair of gray knee-high boots, thick with design, the effect is very good of cultivate one’s morality, foil is tall, in fact, some of the boots is to choose a, what kind of style suits you, also want to choose a few chic style, knee-high boots boots tube can be a little longer, so looks very chic, more than 6 cm of height,Whether thick or thin with will be a good foil to the figure, but also long legs, so boots collocation, also want to see if they are not very suitable, some girls with short legs, collocation boots are not necessarily good-looking.In front of a gray T-shirt, a circular pattern, increase the administrative levels sense, also looks more personality, garments is relatively longer, it looks very individual character, a lot of people like T-shirt, especially the effect of this kind of long, match a different sense, very easy style, look is the feeling of leisure, boots can be worn with shorts, or skirts,But it was covered by her T-shirt, and the beautiful woman has a tall and symmetrical figure, wearing a loose T-shirt, still looks very slim, so the symmetrical figure is very important, but also let the collocation become more relaxed.Beauty choose a blue denim jacket, the design of the skirt is very short, it is in great shape, many people also like this style is tie-in, tie-in jacket in spring, many will match, long sleeve short skirt style, attract a lot of beauty, also match a figure with effect, spring to match a dress, it will be warm, also match the character,So fashion beauty to choose the right clothing style should also have characteristics, especially women’s wear, not necessarily to choose a long style, to match a sense of layering, but also have a slimming effect.

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