Novel: the chairman is fond of ritual feeling

Hongda Group has a new chairman, zhong Yingshi.Later, they came to know that Zhong Dong’s hometown was Xingyang, Henan province.Zhong Dong took office meeting, under the stage of the wu great sitting a large area, is the head office of middle-level leaders and branch head.Usually before the meeting, the audience is always a small meeting, laughing and slapstick.That day, however, the meeting room was quiet and could smell needles dropping.Although the meeting did not start, but the discerning people looked at the table, already know that the new chairman of the famous big name zhong Yingshi.The meeting has begun.The superior read out the appointment document, also briefly introduced zhong Dong’s resume, made a brief evaluation, and finally, let the chairman do a statement.Eyes converged on him like bicycle spokes.See zhong Dong suit, eyes jiongjiong, not angry from wei.He is not wordy, only said that as an old transfer, in business management and management, or a new recruit, will strengthen learning, familiar with the business as soon as possible, into the role, new arrival, two eyes a black, unfamiliar, hope we help more support, jointly create a new situation of the group company, yun Yun.Spring river warm duck prophet, sunny flowers and trees are easy to meet spring.Chairman Zhong took office less than half a month, the office of the chairman of the air first, the first to feel the change of the different.One day a week later, Zhong Dong called Director Wang of Dong Ban into his office and asked: Does our group have its own factory flag?Director Wang shook his head and said: This is really not.Zhong Dong solemnly said: we as the world’s top 500 enterprises, how can not have their own corporate culture?Tell the publicity department to come up with a collection plan as soon as possible, just tell me what I mean.Director Wang nodded and wrote it down in his notebook.Zhong Dong said thoughtfully: Next Monday, we will hold a flag-raising ceremony first.Director Wang quickly replied that this had never been done before.Chung dong said, just because we haven’t done it in the past doesn’t mean we can’t do it now and in the future.You know Haruki Murakami?Director Wang one leng, ask: what chairman say, be which kind of toon tree?Zhong Dong could not help laughing and said: Director Wang, I didn’t realize you were a humorous person.Japanese writer Haruki Murakami once said that ritual is a very important thing.Director Wang blushed and realized: Oh.Zhong Dong asked again: Chuheridangwu, sweat drops grain soil, came to the Beibu Gulf, fifteen thousand a day.Have you heard of this passage?Director Wang just fell down, a fall into a pit, learn from wisdom, carefully replied: the chairman said, is an ancient poem?Looks like the last two sentences are, who knows what’s on the plate…Zhong Dong interrupted him and said: Yes.But I’m talking about this. It’s a pyramid scheme that uses ancient poetry as a brainwashing slogan in morning class.Director Wang was very unexpected, hesitating to ask: ah?Chairman, we are a regular big company…Zhong Dong smiled again and said, “Make the past serve the present and the foreign serve the Chinese.”Pyramid selling is, of course, illegal, making diaosi believe that they can be reverted to become rich and handsome, but some of their practices can still be enlightened, which is called sublation in philosophy.Director Wang was greatly impressed, said: chairman wise, said very reasonable, I also benefit a lot.Zhong Dong said: After all, the flag-raising ceremony is the first large-scale activity after I come here. Details decide success or failure. Your office should make careful preparations.Director Wang agreed, see chairman no other orders, sing well and retreat.When he was almost back at the door, Zhong Dong called to him again: By the way, Director Wang, you should be more careful about your appearance in the future.Director Wang quickly returned to the body, respectfully, listen.Zhong Dong said, “The director of the office is my staff assistant who coordinates the left and right sides and coordinates all parties.Your image is not only a representative of the individual, but also, in a sense, a representative of the group and the board of directors, which is very important.Director Wang unknown, head point such as pound medicine, continue to listen to the chairman of the inculcation.Zhong Dong also said, “When I was in the army, I had a special inspection team to deal with those who did not follow the rules of discipline.Of course, local companies don’t have to be so strict, but you can’t miss it.”Director Wang immediately feel ashamed —- dressed in a suit, neither tie, shirt collar button also did not buckle.Look at the chairman of the board, suit, white shirt, tie ironed, very spirited.Ah, how come I don’t have a little sensitivity?Don’t you know to be highly consistent with the chairman?Go home today, do remember, let the daughter-in-law hurriedly wear that suit on the wedding day, to the dry cleaner……Thinking of this, Director Wang involuntarily raised his hand and tied the collar button.Zhong Dong asked again: Director Wang, do you think I am a little nitpicky?Director Wang shook his head like a rattle and said: Where, where, you are right!Zhong Dong sighed and said, “As the ancients said, great things in the world must be done in detail.Ancient and modern undertakings must be achieved in reality.Before the Sino-Japanese war, A Japanese soldier heibaro Tohigo saw sailors’ clothes drying on the gun barrel of the Warship Jewon and concluded that the Qing Navy could destroy it.The lessons of the past are not far away.Director Wang nodded yes.Zhong Dong waved, director Wang out of the chairman of the door, this was a great relief.He wiped a forehead, has been stained with fine sweat, hurriedly to implement the relevant matters, do not mention.The flag-raising ceremony is held as scheduled. At the ceremony, Dong Zhong speaks passionately and vehingly, vehingly, and the whole company feels refreshed.However, several people of Dong Ban suffered.Chung dong’s intention is carried out through the office.Some can find next home, the office is just a erector, for example, the chairman of the board account for the collection plan, but, a lot of work does not correspond to the relevant office, or, corresponding to several office, the family can be bucked, the office became an evil water tank, can only pull up.Moreover, many of the things zhong Dong has assigned to him are creative, such as the flag-raising ceremony, which has not been done in the past, making it difficult for him to be familiar with the process and increasing his workload virtually.Everyone gave Director Wang a hard time.Director Wang although also secretly complained, but still mouth comfort some, said, know everyone hard, this weekend, I reward you.However, Director Wang did not reward.Why?This is not, zhong Dong arranged something again.Zhong Dong said: Director Wang, LI Dong and I have already exchanged greetings.Your office, take advantage of this weekend to work overtime, vice chairman Li and I exchange the office.Director Wang was puzzled: chairman, you now this office center, both sides of each have two vice directors, they closely around you, this……Isn’t it good?Zhong Dong said: Good what good!Have you visited the Forbidden City?Director Wang nodded, waiting for the chairman of the following.When you stand on Chang ‘an Avenue, don’t you see the Hall of Supreme Harmony at a glance?Director Wang said: well, yes, let me see, first from the tiananmen gate into the side, as if there are duanmen, meridian gate, finally is the hall of Supreme Harmony.Zhong Dong nodded with satisfaction and said: Your memory is not bad, just do what I said.Director Wang, like falling five miles of clouds, returned to his office, thought for a long time, finally suddenly: the group company’s office building elevator in the east, Vice Dong Li’s office in the west……(Image from the Internet, such as xerili)

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