Shame record 2 days, catch out national foot 3 big sinner!Li Xiaopeng did not dare to class +2 reinforcements

Focus on THE Chinese Super League (CBA), unique fan media click on the top right corner to follow, will not regret…On the one hand, this is the first victory of The Vietnamese team in the round of 12, creating a new record, but also at home, in front of the Vietnamese fans to get the first point in the round of 12, the performance is commendable;On the other hand, In terms of the world rankings, China is at least 20 places higher than Vietnam. Moreover, Vietnam lost the first leg 2-3 and recorded 10 consecutive defeats in its history. This victory is also a narrow victory, which fully demonstrates Park’s coaching ability.In addition, after seven consecutive losses, Park heng-seo is under great pressure to coach, and facing dismissal, the victory over China at the bottom of the bottom is a rebound.However, Park is also considering his future. His agent revealed on social media that park asked a friend about the possibility of coaching a Chinese team just before the match, and it seems that Park is interested in coaching a Chinese team.At that time, however, park s manager declined to coach him because he had lost seven games in a row in the preliminary round of the World Cup. At that time, the manager said he wanted to see how good he would be in the next few matches.Unexpectedly, a few days later, he defeated the National Football Team with naturalized players, and with this victory, Park Hengxu’s popularity in China also rose rapidly, and it is very possible to change from passive competition to active selection. Since I have the will, it is very possible to coach in China in the future.Although he is the coach of Vietnam, Park Hang-seo is the coach of Korea. In the past, Korean coaches have left a good impression on the Chinese Super League, so it is not ruled out that some teams are interested in rejoining the team.And compared with Europe and the United States, South Korea coach “inexpensive”, investment is not too big, output is often more, far from the former iron shuai guoan, former Guangzhou team coach Li Zhangzhu, near liangjiang sports coach Zhang Weilong, two people are playing distinct South Korean coach.However, park Hengxu just beat the National football team, and then wanted to make money in China. This process is really bitter, it is really “win you still want to make money”, which may be the cruel reality of backward football. If you want to get rid of the embarrassment, you can only start from yourself and strive for self-improvement.Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of Beimen.Beimen strives for the accuracy and completeness of the content, but if the actual situation prevails, beimen will not be liable for any consequences arising from the use of this article.The final interpretation of the article belongs to the public account and the author of the article.

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