How does a man just graduated choose a suit

1. One of the most common problems novice suits face is one that’s too big or too small, not the right fit.To get it right, I’ll give you a standard fit: “It looks slim, but it’s not tight.”2. Some boys get used to wearing sportswear and feel that the clothes are no good at all. As a result, they buy oversized suits.In fact, suits are different from sportswear. It is normal to feel a little tight when doing large movements, such as raising your hands above your head, squatting and raising your legs high. It will definitely be a little tight more or less, which does not mean that the clothes are small.It is recommended that you try to sit down and raise your arms to shoulder level and fist to fist, as long as you feel the right tension when doing these movements, it is suitable.3. When you try on a blazer, you don’t have to button it all up.Fasten the single button style, fasten the top button for the style of two buttons, and fasten the middle one for the style of three buttons.After tying, make a fist with your hand standing up and tuck it into your shirt. Place it between the button and your body. If it’s just enough to squeeze a punch, it fits, so that it won’t be too tight or wrinkled, nor too loose to show your waist.It’s too small or too big.4. The hem length of the suit jacket should be within 2 centimeters of the “peak” of the hip.A lot of people have a misunderstanding, think “shorter clothes, can show the legs long”, in fact, it is not, clothes too short but more restrained stingy.You may be asking, “How do I know where my peak is?”You can observe your side of the mirror, where the hip circumference is the largest, where is.If observation alone can’t tell, here’s another tip: Stand with your back to the wall, a step or two away from it, and slowly back away. See where your hips hit the wall first.5. Make sure your shirt sleeves are 1-2 cm long.Too long or too short doesn’t fit.6. The shoulder of the coat is wide. You can touch the bone where the arm and shoulder meet when trying on.On the other hand, if the shoulders are too tight, the clothes will be wrinkled, too wide and look sloppy.Of course, the word of some big shoulder is narrow, can go up in this foundation, loosen one centimeter or so again slightly.7. Pants length is the most tangled problem. Pants are divided into big pleats, small pleats, 1/4 pleats and no pleats. It is recommended that you choose small pleats or 1/4 pleats.To put it simply: when standing naturally, the leg is just up to the vamp, and the leg has no wrinkles, or very slight wrinkles, so it fits.8. Look at the side of the trousers after wearing them. If the pleats are particularly large, it means they are too fat.9. When trying on a vest, it is advisable to leave the bottom button unfastened.To judge the tightness, you can inhale the belly drum round, at this time the vest just wrapped around the body is appropriate, so when you sit down, also do not strangle the stomach.If the stomach has sucked enough air, there is still a lot of space between the vest and the stomach, indicating that the size is large.In addition, the waistcoat length should be able to completely cover the shirt, not too short.10. When choosing a shirt that fits inside, I suggest you pay attention to the “collar” and pay special attention to the inverted V-shaped Angle that the two pieces of fabric form around the collar (red line in the image below). This is a detail that many people tend to overlook.If your neck is short and thick, then the Angle should be as small as possible, so that the line of the collar will tend to be more vertical, visual extension, the neck is not so thick.For example, the “small eight collar” in the picture below is suitable for people with thick neck.11. A common mistake many people make: Don’t wear a casual shirt over a formal suit just to make it easier.A dress shirt needs to be tucked in long enough to keep it from falling out of the waistband, while a casual shirt is short enough to be worn inside.12. A reminder: The knot of your tie must be tight, not loose!I’ve seen a lot of guys wear suits and everything else is fine except the tie knot is loose and very bloated and unenergetic.When the length of the tie sags naturally, the lower end should be in the middle of the waistband.

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