Spring Festival nucleic acid does not close!City free test point please check!

During the Spring Festival, people move around frequently.Measures in order to strengthen the social personnel nucleic acid detection, dynamic monitoring and timely warning of potential outbreak spread risk, found in a timely and effective treatment of epidemic rapidly, and safeguard the handy to get to the nearest nucleic acid testing services free of charge, and minimize the influence of the people daily life, this day to zhuhai on March 15, 2022,Fifty-one free nucleic acid sampling sites have been set up for the convenience of the public, so that citizens, especially those who come or return to Zhuhai during the Spring Festival, can take the initiative to receive free nucleic acid testing services at the nearest nucleic acid sampling sites.In order to make it easier for citizens to query and select nucleic acid testing and sampling services nearby, a search map of service points has been made online. Citizens only need to search the keywords “nucleic acid” and “sampling” on “Baidu Map”, “Autonavi Map” and “Tencent Map” to find the address of nucleic acid sampling service points in the city.Zhuhai’s convenient free DNA sample point address service time and other information as bellow left left left (click to view a larger image at the same time, the zhuhai continue to implement the “two stand a a port” to (return) bead personnel landing nucleic acid detection measures “two stand a a port” passenger ground nucleic acid in the process of sampling point sampling please do personal protection, all the wearing masks, not talking, does not gather,Keep at least 1 meter apart from others.Editor: Huang Yaojie Preliminary examination: Yang Ying, Guo Jun Reexamination: Wang Biao source: Zhuhai Municipal Health Bureau

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