Thumb up!Haila police station came to the door for more than 300 junior three students to apply for id cards

Recently, hela zhenhai in weining autonomous county middle school, hela weining county public security bureau police station near the door to more than 300 police examination the students to deal with the second generation of resident identity card, I saw the policemen site registration site pictures, let originally need specially fit to handle id card grade students greatly save the registration time.It is reported that haila police station learned during the visit activity of “entering villages, entering communities, visiting enterprises and visiting people” that haila Middle School students need to use their personal ID cards for the high school entrance examination, but most students have not done so. Considering that students have a tight study task and precious time before the examination,The Hela police station is making every effort to issue second-generation resident identification cards to students by entering the school during lunch break and opening the registration window on weekends.Through intensive and orderly work, the Hela police station had completed all the work of applying for the second-generation resident id cards for the students in The third grade of Hela Middle School before March 25, which won valuable learning time for students and made everyone feel at ease to prepare for the examination.Students praised the hella police Station for its considerate service.”I didn’t apply for an ID card before, but I need an ID card for the high school entrance examination. The uncles of the police station came to our school at noon to take photos of us for free, so that we could study at ease and not delay the review time.””Said Luo Ruyun, a junior 3 student at Hella Middle School.In the next time to meet the entrance examination, hella police station police will continue to provide a certificate into the campus service, so that the service more errands, so that students care less.Weining media reporter Ma Zhaofeng Wenxu editor Gu Yeling editor Li Kai

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